A Sip of Magic Disinherited Prince Series Book 3

Casiepress LLC - His mission is to verify rumors of a new army being raised by the South Salvan King, a man he perceives as an enemy. Pol will face new challenges, not the least of which will be figuring out the mysterious roommate that arrived not long after he learns about Tesna's plans to take over the worldFantasy - Epic/Sword & Sorcery/Young Adult.

Expecting to resume his studies after a long absence, Pol Cissert is disappointed when he is drafted by the Emperor's Seeker to infiltrate into Tesna Monastery.

The Sleeping God The Disinherited Prince Series Book 4

- Pol finds that the truth isn’t always something everyone wants. Fantasy - epic / sword & sorcery / young aDULT. He has no idea that the journey is no easy jaunt. Edition 2 update: shira's character was toned down a bit and some other minor edits. Chased by magicians, thugs, pirates, and priests, he seeks his legacy by seeking the Cathedral of the Sleeping God.

No changes in storyline or other characters. Carrying an amulet given to him by his late mother, Pol Cissert seizes on an opportunity to travel to a far off city in search of his roots.

The Monk's Habit The Disinherited Prince Series Book 2

CasiePress LLC - He soon finds that his sanctuary isn’t the protection he hoped for. Fantasy - epic / sword & sorcery / young aDULT. The monk’s habitwith his health failing, Pol Cissert takes refuge in a monastery dedicated to magic, healing, and swordsmanship. As a disinherited prince, he thinks his troubles are behind him, so he can concentrate on learning magic and getting his body repaired.

The Emperor's Pet The Disinherited Prince Series Book 5

Casiepress LLC - Please note: the ending has been modified from a cliffhanger to a transition. On his way to return shira to her home in Shinkya, Pol Cissert is called upon to solve two mysteries. His reward is something he has no desire for, but he must put that aside while he travels to the exotic and dangerous country of Shira’s birth.

He finds that deadly politics badgers him every step along his journey.

The Misplaced Prince The Disinherited Prince Series Book 6

Casiepress LLC - Without his magic or his memories, it may take years to find the right person, and until then Pol has become the Misplaced Prince. Fantasy - epic / sword & sorcery / young aDULT. Pol can’t remember his name or his origin when washed up on the shore of a strange continent. Demeron, his horse, must find a way to get Pol to a magician powerful enough to remove his curse.

The Disinherited Prince

CasiePress LLC - Poldon fairfield, a fourteen-year-old prince has no desire to rule, since his poor health has convinced him that he will not live long enough to sit on any throne. Matters take a turn for the worse when his father, decides his oldest will rule the country where Pol’s mother is first in the line of succession followed by Pol, the King of North Salvan, her only child.

Pol learns he has developed a talent for magic, and that may do him more harm than good as he must struggle to survive among his siblings, now turned lethally hostile. Fantasy - epic / sword & sorcery / young adult/new ADULT.

The Fractured Empire: Book Seven of the Disinherited Prince Series

- He reunites with shira, the Shinkyan Princess, and gets to work trying to save his stepfather’s Empire. He finds more insidious spells invoked by the enemy, a society of magicians that has dedicated itself to domination. Pol cissert pastelle returns home after four years abroad to find The Baccusol Empire breaking apart with civil war erupting on multiple fronts.

Fantasy - epic / sword & sorcery / young aDULT. Pol has his own challenges as he navigates his way through drastic situations, not the least of which is a series of confrontations with old and new enemies.

A Snoop Without Magic Magic Missing Book 5

Casiepress LLC - Returning to his home continent, sam Smith expects his life to return to normal, but his hopes are dashed as his home country is embroiled in the beginnings of a civil war. To reclaim his place in toraltian society, politics, Sam must use his talent with a blade to navigate through war, and personal grudges to find the home that he seeks.

The Serpent's Orb Wizard's Helper Book 1

Casiepress LLC - He soon finds that he is not the only one after the orb and someone is willing to kill to get it. As part of his duties, jack is ordered to travel the length of Corand to the capital city to bring back a priceless object of power, the Serpent’s Orb. Through odd circumstances, Jack Winder becomes a helper for his village's healing wizard.

A Voyager Without Magic Magic Missing Series Book 3

- His voyage becomes filled with death, and pirates on the land and the sea, insurrection, amid exposure to unfamiliar cultures. Sam smith, formerly an apprentice Investigator of the Baskin Royal Constabulary, boards his ship of exile. Sam must tread carefully, as his nose for snooping is called upon at his ports of call, especially since his arch-enemy from Baskin is one of his fellow voyagers.

. Not having a home, he doesn’t have much choice other than to sail to the far off land of Vaarek.

A Scholar Without Magic Magic Missing Book 4

- Sam smith finally arrives at Tolloy to attend university. Challenges begin to blossom where Sam must develop new talents in order to survive a continent about to descend into chaos. He takes to the sword and joins the dueling team while the Dictator Viktar Kreb begins to tighten his hold on the city and the country.