Bearista Bodyguard Shifters Book 1

- Then she witnesses an armed robbery, and now she's being hunted by an assassin and protected by a hot, gruff bodyguard who just might be able to coax Gaby into opening up the heart she's been sheltering for years. Hot as a fresh cup of coffee, Bearista is a standalone BBW paranormal romance with a Latina heroine and a protective bear shifter hero.

No cliffhangers! But this is his most difficult assignment yet: going undercover in a coffee shop to protect a curvy witness, working as a coffee shop barista while taking night classes, caring for her 5-year-old son, who happens to be his fated mate!Single mom Gaby Diaz is just trying to make ends meet, and supporting her widowed mother.

Bearista Bodyguard Shifters Book 1 - A tough bear shifter bodyguard undercover in a coffee shop + a curvy barista with an adorable 5-year-old + a deadly shifter assassin = a scorching thrill ride of a romance!Tough as nails and hard as steel, Derek Ruger has spent his life in dangerous parts of the world, and has the scars emotional and physical to show for it.

Pet Rescue Panther Bodyguard Shifters Book 2

- But when her tragic past comes back to haunt her in the form of an unstoppable dragon assassin, a drop-dead gorgeous cop cruises through the door of the cat shelter and into her broken heart. Ben keegan knows his panther can't fight a dragon and survive. What's hotter than a sexy man holding an adorable kitten?A sexy, so she's out to save the world instead, protective panther shifter cop holding five adorable kittens! Curvy cat-rescue volunteer Tessa Davelos can't fix her wounded soul, one kitten at a time.

But he doesn't care, not with Tessa in harm's way. She's his mate, whether she'll believe it or not, and any dragon that wants to hurt her is going to have to go through Ben first. A fast-paced and funny paranormal romance featuring a hot, protective hero, a heroine learning to open her heart to love, and enough cute kittens to make your heart melt!.

Bear in a Bookshop Bodyguard Shifters Book 3

- Finding out that her one true mate is an ex-con with a grade school education must be fate's idea of a cruel joke. She never dreamed of someone like Gunnar blowing into her neatly alphabetized and indexed world to turn it upside down. Never mind that his kisses make her swoon and his touch turns her traitorous knees to jelly.

. Sent to prison for a crime he didn't commit, Gunnar is six and a half feet of gruff, dyslexic, tattooed bear shifter ex-con hiding a gentle heart. But with danger from both their pasts closing in fast, Gunnar is running out of time to prove to Melody that a good girl and a guy from the wrong side of the tracks just might be able to write their own happy ending.

Bear in a Bookshop Bodyguard Shifters Book 3 - A sweet and funny paranormal romance building to a thrilling climax, #3 in the Bodyguard Shifters series. He knows he could be the man Melody deserves, if only she'll let him unleash the passionate woman hidden underneath her sexy librarian cardigans. He's all wrong for her. So why do his arms feel so right?When shy bookworm Melody daydreamed about her perfect man, "must love books" topped the list.

All books in the series are standalones with a guaranteed HEA, and can be read in any order.

Day Care Dragon Bodyguard Shifters Book 4

- But loretta's not about to let anyone treat her like a treasure to be locked up for safekeeping. If you like T. S. Look, you try having a dragon snatch you out of a burning building when all you're wearing is a towel. He just saved her life. Even if two stubborn people can overcome the odds and fall in love, it's going to take all Darius's strength and Loretta's wits to keep a dangerous enemy from sending their chances at a happy ending up in smoke.

Day care dragon is a full length paranormal romance with humor, heart, and suspense. Joyce, terry bolryder and Harmony Raines, one-click today! Were not the first words Loretta expected to say to the love of her life. Why doesn't she look happy about it?Billionaire dragon shifter Darius is a man in control—of his business, his family, his life.

Day Care Dragon Bodyguard Shifters Book 4 - Put me down, you. Thing!". But stubborn, outspoken, redheaded Loretta and the rowdy preschoolers at her day care are about to turn his well-ordered life upside down.

Bull in a Tea Shop Bodyguard Shifters Book 5

- First maddox saves her niece, and then he offers to help her save her business. His second chance is her salvation. Big, tatted-out bull shifter Maddox used to work as a thug for hire, but now he's a drifter with his old life in ruins. But first he helps out a teenager in trouble, the kid's alluring aunt walks into his life, and the next thing he knows, and runs away with his heart.

When he hitchhikes into the small town of Silvermine, Arizona, he's not planning to stay. For the first time in his life, Maddox has something of his own to protect. Blind tea-shop owner verity has been caught up in a dangerous struggle with the town's corrupt sheriff and a greedy landowner trying to force her to sell.

Bull in a Tea Shop Bodyguard Shifters Book 5 - All he knows is that he wants to be better than he was. Teaming up might be the solution she's been hoping for, but Verity has spent her life learning not to believe in happy endings. And with a sheriff who would break every law to stop them, her wits, it'll take all his strength, and their courage to get out of this alive .

Protector Bear Bear Creek Protectors Book 4

- It soon becomes clear she has some unfinished business that will threaten her future and that of her children. However, when she meets Hunter, she realizes she is not in this alone. She is his mate, and he’ll stand by her side no matter what. With the help of other members of bear creek Protectors, one last chance to bring a bad guy to justice, she’s ready for one last fight, and reunite four lost children with their parents.

Even if it costs him his life. But he would rather hunt down the person responsible for the threat and let his bear rip their head off. Cynthia thought she’d ended the reign of terror brought about by a child trafficking ring. The investigative reporter, who is responsible for bringing an end to a child trafficking ring, is his mate.

Protector Bear Bear Creek Protectors Book 4 - Hunter swears he will do whatever it takes to protect Cynthia and her children. However, his world is soon turned upside down when he offers to help Cynthia, who has received a threatening letter from an unknown source. Nobody threatens his mate and gets away with it!Bodyguard, Hunter, returns to Bear Creek for some downtime between jobs.

Max Club Crimson Book 1

- That is, until an impossibly handsome, impossibly huge man with a glare that could stop a charging rhino ends up entangled with her in the fight to save an innocent creature's life. As jackie and max are pushed together, the chemistry between them erupts into heated hisses and steamy encounters. Though his rippling muscles, large build and beautiful mane attract attention, Max pushes it all away, ready to spend the rest of his life alone.

Max chase, exiled lion shifter and bouncer at the hottest club in town, doesn't believe shifters and humans should mate. So when her coworkers bring her along to an unknown place at the far edge of town, and things take a turn for the worst, she's ready to swear off going out ever again. But jackie still has no idea of the dark secrets at Club Crimson, and Max doesn't know that danger is waiting around every corner, threatening his new love.

Max Club Crimson Book 1 - Max is a standalone romance and the first book in my new series, Club Crimson, starring the owners and workers at an exclusive club with a mysterious purpose. It contains hot love scenes, some intense action, and a guaranteed happy ending that will give you warm fuzzies. Max knows he wants Jackie for his mate, forever.

That is until a new face at Club Crimson lights up Max's protective instincts, making the beast inside him roar.

Silver Dragon

- There's also the little matter of Mikhail's dangerous mission. But when a handsome, silver-haired stranger literally drops into her life, she finds that her heart just might still be alive after all. But years of lonely solitude and their very different lives aren't their only obstacles. You're never too old for love.

. Dragon knight mikhail has spent the many years of his life in the pursuit of duty. And he knows that the beautiful gray-haired woman is his mate. Bird worcester used to write children's books, before a bitter divorce separated her from her beloved son and daughter. But when his latest mission sends him to a sleepy California beach town, he's shocked to come across a murder in progress.

Silver Dragon - And even more shocked to realize after plummeting from the sky to save the day that it's four older women in a writing group acting out a scene from a murder mystery. But that's nothing to how he feels when the "murder victim" looks into his eyes. Twenty-seven years later, she's still picking up the pieces.

The Red Dragon's Baby Shifter Dads Book 1

- Now, he lives deep in the woods, on the outskirts of a quiet shifter community, keeping himself to himself. Now she's alone with her baby, road tripping into the unknown with a little money and a lot of determination. Dragon shifter Ronan Reinhardt escaped his own violent past years ago. Until katie stumbles—literally—onto his doorstep.

Unable to handle the idea of her six-month-old son being raised by her dangerous ex, she pulled up her life and escaped. No cliffhangers! Now, they're each experiencing a depth of love and comfort that they've never known. She's vowed to give her baby a better life—all by herself. Until she meets him. Single mom Katie Miller has left everything behind.

The Red Dragon's Baby Shifter Dads Book 1 - Ronan finds himself captivated, and drawn to protect her and her baby son. Both katie and Ronan are used to lives of desperation and struggle. Can they learn to accept the love and safety a family brings? and when Katie's past catches up with her, can the sleepy little town come together and help Ronan defend his mate and baby?The Red Dragon's Baby is a standalone book, full of passion, action, family, and adorable babies.

The Pegasus Marshal's Mate U.S. Marshal Shifters Book 2

- If you love shifter romances full of passion, thrills, and humor, one-click today! . But one look at tiffani and he knows he needs this smart, funny, gorgeous woman. But if she's going to show everyone she's more than just air-headed arm-candy, she can't just fall into those gorgeous, muscled arms…right?Pegasus shifter Martin thought he'd never find his mate.

One who tempts tiffani to give up her new determination to prove she doesn't need a man. But who better than a pegasus shifter to sweep a woman off her feet?The Pegasus Marshal's Mate is a standalone paranormal romance. Her new beginning is off to a bad start…Tiffani's first marriage was a disaster. After losing his wife, he gave up on love entirely.

The Pegasus Marshal's Mate U.S. Marshal Shifters Book 2 - All he wants is to give her the romance she deserves—and the protection she just might need. Between the trial of the century, and a senior citizen flash mob, petty dictator bosses, Tiffani and Martin will have to steal time for their second chance at love. And now her first day of her new life as a court reporter has involved a jackass judge, a bomb threat…and a sexy silver fox of a US Marshal.

Tropical Leopard's Longing Shifting Sands Resort Book 8

- No matter that he’s also charming, and kind—even if Darla could switch grooms, funny, her mother would never give her blessing to the match and the suitor she was trying to escape isn’t going to give up her fortune without a fight. Her marriage of convenience isn’t as convenient as she hoped. Snow leopard shifter and heiress darla grant thought that marrying her best friend would be the solution to all of her problems: it would shelter her from a persistent and unwelcome suitor, unlock her inheritance to save the bankrupt shifter retirement home where she volunteers, and free her from her controlling society mother.

But there’s more to Breck than a ready smile and thoughtful service. And he’s always been up for a challenge…tropical leoparD’S LONGING is a steamy standalone paranormal shifter romance novel in the Shifting Sands Resort series. If you’re looking for a sizzling, humorous, and heartwarming read with a guaranteed happy ever after and no cliffhangers, scroll up and one-click today! .

Tropical Leopard's Longing Shifting Sands Resort Book 8 - Then she meets her fated mate at the tropical luxury resort reserved for her wedding, and her perfect plan turns into perfect torture. Leopard shifter and waiter Breck is everything her mother despises: poor, common, and openly bisexual.