Cherry Tree Lane: The first heartwarming Wiltshire Girls novel The Wiltshire Girls Book 1

Finding consolation in each other’s troubled pasts, the pair soon grow closeBut when pressure is put upon them to marry, and Mattie’s stepfather discovers her whereabouts, they must face their fears and stand up to those who threaten their future happiness. She is soon lost and at the mercy of the elements – until her life is saved by Jacob, a widower who takes her in and nurses her back to health.

With her stepfather threatening her with a forced marriage, Mattie Willitt flees home in search of a better life. The spellbinding new novel from the much-loved author of Farewell to LancashireWiltshire, 1910 .

Elm Tree Road: The next heartwarming instalment in the Wiltshire Girls series

Nell has left home to be with her lover, Cliff, fearing what reprisals might come from marrying against her father’s wishes. After parting ways with Mattie the couple take youngest sister Renie and head for Lancashire. However, nell’s happiness is short-lived; her marriage suffering as Cliff resents his job and the fact that though Nell has given him a daughter, she seems unable to conceive another child.

While wandering the english countryside, a gypsy palm-reader tells Nell she will still find her destiny, under ‘three big trees on a hill’. Her luck seems to change when she meets Gil, a farmer and a gentleman who she can’t help but feel drawn to. After being driven from home by their brutal father, Nell and Renie, the Willitt sisters, Mattie, find themselves facing greater heartache in the wider world.

When renie leaves for London, Nell feels desperately alone. Could the trees on his land be a sign, or is nell too damaged by her past to let herself love again?In this emotional sequel to Cherry Tree Lane, Anna Jacobs delivers a stunning romance novel that is both tragic and uplifting. Then tragedy strikes, and Nell, mad with grief, runs away in the hope of being reunited with her two sisters.


Yew Tree Gardens: The touching conclusion to the Wiltshire Girls series

Her only comfort is her growing friendship with the injured Gil, towards whom she has felt an instant trust and affection. Although she at first finds the city a huge and bewildering place, soon she is settling in and making friends. Feeling increasingly harassed by him and also eager to escape from Nell’s unpleasant husband, Renie is delighted when she is offered a new job in London.

Sisters mattie, nell and renie have all managed to escape their oppressive and bullying father, but now separated, the girls must draw upon their strength and courage to build new lives for themselves. Renie, is living with the newly married Nell, the youngest sister, happy in her waitressing job at the King’s Head Hotel.

But can their relationship progress from friendship to something more? And how will the return of the threatening Judson affect their future? But a shadow falls over her the day Mr Judson arrives as assistant manager. And yet she still worries about her sister Nell, and the way her husband Cliff treats her.

When tragedy strikes Nell and her family, Renie is left feeling horrified and helpless.

Peppercorn Street Peppercorn

Winifred has lived in her large family home at the top of the street for over eighty years but it’s all getting too much, though she doesn’t want to leave. Things are not what they seem in any of the three women’s lives and danger can strike at rich and poor alike. Nicole is renting one of the new luxury flats.

Just as her new life starts to show promise, her past catches up with her. The trick is to survive it, and for this you need good friends and courage: all freely available in Peppercorn Street. She’s just walked away from her husband and teenage sons, tired of being treated as a servant, suspecting her husband of having an affair.

Three women find new hope in Peppercorn Street, a small village in a beautiful corner of Wiltshire with a mixture of homes and people. Janey is 18 and living in a small flat with her baby daughter.

Saffron Lane Peppercorn Book 3

But the prospect of bringing life back into an abandoned row of houses, Saffron Lane, is just the challenge she needs. Not far away, coping with a shock divorce, battling against forced residential care, and Elise, Stacy, are both trying to regain a sense of normalcy and begin a new chapter in their lives.

Nell feels very at home in her beautiful corner of Wiltshire with her partner Angus and her new friends nearby on Peppercorn Street. On the other side of the world, Adam and his daughter Gemma are coming to terms with changes and discoveries that will set them on new paths. Could it be that in all of their cases, the solutions to their problems and the answers to their questions wait for them at Saffron Lane?‘Anna Jacobs is adored by a whole army of women readers for her heart-warming stories of love and life’ Lancashire Evening Post.


Cinnamon Gardens Peppercorn Book 2

It’s not long before the quartet are firm friends and Nell has trouble resisting Angus’s charms. But life doesn’t always run smoothly; winifred is being harassed by an estate agent to sell the only home she’s ever known to the Cinnamon Gardens development and Janey realises she and her daughter, Millie, are being stalked.

With things far from settled, can nell build a new life with Angus? Will Winifred surrender her home to the greedy property developer? Can the residents of Peppercorn Street find happiness? On her arrival at peppercorn street, Nell encounters Angus Denning, a software engineer with an Honourable title and a stately home at the end of the road.

She’s been left a house in England by an elderly aunt and decides to leave Australia to start a new chapter. Then there’s winifred, an elderly lady who lives alone but has made friends with young, single mum Janey. Now that nell’s three sons are in work and becoming more independent, she’s ready to build a new life for herself.


Heir to Greyladies Greyladies Trilogy Book 1

Could this be the safe haven she so desperately needs, and does the ghost of its previous owner really roam the halls? While Harriet and Joseph grow ever closer, the plots and actions of both their families threaten to destroy their happiness. Will their love, and the legacy of Greyladies, be able to survive?

When circumstances force joseph to leave the family home, Harriet is happy to accompany him and break free from the controlling influence of her stepmother. But harriet is unprepared for the event which will alter her life even further: her unexpected inheritance of Greyladies, a supposedly haunted house in the country.

Arriving at the grand dalton House, she meets the owners' crippled son Joseph, with whom friendship soon blossoms. Forced from her home to escape the advances of her leering stepbrother Norris, Harriet is sent into service to provide for the family. With the sudden death of her father, the life of fifteen-year-old Harriet Benson changes forever.

Hampshire, 1900 .

Mistress of Greyladies Greyladies Trilogy Book 2

When her german employers are interned because of the war, she loses her job. During world war i, the ancient manor house of Greyladies in rural Wiltshire is requisitioned for a hospital. But frank is still pursuing her and Corin has his own problems. Worse still, her brutish step-cousin Frank tries to force her to marry him and Phoebe has no choice but to flee to London.

A chance encounter leads her to a new life as a nursing assistant in the VAD voluntary aid detachments, and to a blossoming friendship with Captain Corin McMinty. Its mistress, her husband joseph and their two sons are allowed to stay in part of the house, Harriet Latimer, but when tragedy strikes Joseph’s brothers, his future at Greyladies is at risk.

With obstacles at every turn, can Phoebe find happiness and embrace the role of mistress of Greyladies? When phoebe is posted to the hospital at Greyladies, she feels she’s come home. Latimer family legend says a new mistress will be found to look after the house, yet how does this happen?In Swindon, Phoebe Sinclair is unaware of her connection to Greyladies and the Latimers.


Legacy of Greyladies Greyladies Trilogy Book 3

Can these two help one another through these troubled times? Or will violent men destroy Greyladies and all it stands for? Widow olivia harbury has been persuaded by her cousin Donald to live with him and his wife, but tensions soon rise between the pair. But someone is attempting to rid Greyladies of the German internees based there.

Their cruel tricks put Phoebe’s life and that of her unborn child at risk. Wiltshire, December 1915. Then, much to donald’s disapproval, Olivia becomes involved in starting a new Women’s Institute. A chance meeting brings olivia to Greyladies, an ancient manor house run by Phoebe Latimer, and she feels as though she’s finally come home.


Bay Tree Cottage Peppercorn Book 4

Saffron lane was once a row of abandoned houses but is now bursting with new life, thanks to the efforts of owners Nell and Angus. Their plan to develop an artists’ colony is fast becoming a reality, as is their idea to transform the secret wartime messaging room in one of the houses into a museum. Emil is in charge of readying the room for the public and, despite an interfering councilwoman, is determined to face his challenges head on.

When she meets iain, sparks fly between them and she finally feels alive again – but will her son succeed in spoiling her chance of happiness?‘Anna Jacobs weaves another magical saga that will delight fans and newcomers alike’ Lancashire Evening Post. Even ginger finds a place to call home in the fledgling community, taking refuge from her bully of a son.


The Honeyfield Bequest The Honeyfield series Book 1

He is brought in to help with the purchase of Honeyfield House, intended as a safe house for women in trouble, and there encounters Kathleen. But when tragedy strikes, Kathleen is left vulnerable and one man threatens the fragile peace she has made for herself. Meanwhile, nathan perry works for his father’s accountancy firm but yearns for something more satisfying.

In an act of desperation, she runs away in a bid for a safer life, although one she might not have otherwise chosen. Their lives are set to intertwine and neither will be the same again. The first in a powerful new series by a much-loved author. A beautifully told, engaging story with brilliant characters’ Books Monthly.

Young kathleen keller is being forced into marriage by her cruel father, with a man she despises. 1901, wiltshire.