Cimarron Rose A Holland Family Novel

Pocket Books #ad - Smothers—too close, according to her husband. With the same electric language and hard-edged style that brought James Lee Burke’s Dave Robicheaux novels to the forefront of American crime fiction, Cimarron Rose explodes with a harsh, evocative setting and unforgettable characters. But when lucas overhears gruesome tales of serial murder from a neighboring cell in the local lock-up, he himself looks like a candidate for an untimely death, and Billy Bob incurs enemies far more dangerous than any he faced as a Ranger.

Texas attorney billy bob holland must confront the past in order to save his illegitimate son from a murder conviction in this brilliant, fast-paced thriller from beloved New York Times bestselling author James Lee Burke. Lucas smothers, nineteen and from the wrong end of town, has been arrested for the rape and murder of a local girl.

Cimarron Rose A Holland Family Novel #ad - His lawyer, former texas ranger billy bob holland, is convinced of Lucas’s innocence—but proving it means unearthing the truth from the seething mass of deceit and corruption that spreads like wildfire in a gossipy small town where everybody knows everybody else’s business. Billy bob’s relationship with Lucas’s family is not an easy one.

Years back he was a close friend of Mrs.


Bitterroot: A Novel Billy Bob Holland Book 3

Simon & Schuster #ad - Set in the bitterroot valley of montana, former texas ranger and now a texas-based lawyer, home to celebrities seeking to escape the pressures of public life, as well as to xenophobes dedicated to establishing a bulkhead of patriotic paranoia, Burke's novel features Billy Bob Holland, who has come to Big Sky Country for some fishing and ends up helping out an old friend in trouble.

As the mysteries multiply and the body count mounts, the reader is drawn deeper into the tortured mind of Billy Bob Holland, a complex hero tormented by the mistakes of his past and driven to make things -- all things -- right. And big trouble it is, not just for his friend but for billy bob himself -- in the form of Wyatt Dixon, a recent prison parolee sworn to kill Billy Bob as revenge for both his imprisonment and his sister's death, both of which he blames on the former Texas lawman.

Bitterroot: A Novel Billy Bob Holland Book 3 #ad - There are plenty of parallels. Dave battles alcoholism and the ghosts of Vietnam; Billy Bob actually sees ghosts, including the Ranger he accidentally gunned down. But most of all, both protagonists hold a vision of a pure and simple life. In bitterroot, and a set of remarkable, with its rugged and vivid setting, and crafted with the lyrical prose and the elegiac tone that have inspired many critics to compare him to William Faulkner, unforgettable characters, its intricate plot, James Lee Burke has written a thriller destined to surpass the success of his previous novels.

But beneath the guise of justice for the weak and downtrodden lies a tendency for violence that at times becomes more terrifying than the danger he is trying to eradicate.


Heartwood Billy Bob Holland Book 2

Island Books #ad - But in holland's dusty little hometown of deaf Smith, in the hill country north of Austin, local kingpin Earl Deitrich has made a fortune running roughshod and tainting anyone who stands in his way. Billy bob has problems with deitrich and his shamelessly callous demeanor, but can't shake the legacy of his passion for Deitrich's "heartbreak-beautiful" wife, Peggy Jean.

When holland takes on the defense of wilbur pickett--a man accused of stealing an heirloom and three hundred thousand dollars in bonds from Deitrich's office--he finds himself up against not only Earl's power and influence, but also a past Billy Bob can't will away. A wonderfully realized novel,  heartwood could only have been written by James Lee Burke, rich in Texas atmosphere and lore, and a dazzling portrait of the deadly consequences of self-delusion, a writer in expert command of his craft.

Heartwood Billy Bob Holland Book 2 #ad - A brilliantly layered novel of crime, gold dagger Award winner, and place from the two-time Edgar Award winner, character, and New York Times bestselling author of Sunset Limited. Few writers in america today combine James Lee Burke's lush prose, crackling story lines, and tremendous sense of history and landscape.

In cimmaron rose, longtime fans of the dave robicheaux series found that the struggles of Texas defense attorney Billy Bob Holland show Burke at his best in exploring classic American themes--the sometimes subtle, often violent strains between the haves and the have-nots; the collision of past and present; the inequities in the criminal justice system.

Heartwood is a kind of tree that grows in layers. And as billy bob's grandfather once told him, you do well in life by keeping the roots in a clear stream and not letting anyone taint the water for you.


In the Moon of Red Ponies: A Novel Billy Bob Holland Book 4

Simon & Schuster #ad - His first client in missoula is Johnny American Horse, a young activist for land preservation and the rights of Native Americans. As complications mount and the dead bodies multiply, Billy Bob is drawn closer to the truth behind Johnny American Horse's arrest—and discovers a greater danger to himself and to his whole family.

But in in the moon of red ponies, he discovers that jail cells have revolving doors and that the government he had sworn to serve may have become his enemy. As billy bob investigates, amber finley, he discovers a web of intrigue surrounding the case and its players: johnny's girlfriend, as reckless as she is defiant—and the daughter of one of Montana's US senators; Darrel McComb, a Missoula police detective who is obsessed with Amber; and Seth Masterson, an enigmatic government agent whose presence in town makes Billy Bob wonder why Washington has become so concerned with an obscure murder case on the fringes of the Bitterroot Mountains.

In the Moon of Red Ponies: A Novel Billy Bob Holland Book 4 #ad - Beautifully written, with an intriguing plot and characters whose conflicts seem as real as life itself, this novel shows James Lee Burke again in the top form that has made him a critical favorite and a national bestseller. Johnny is charged with the murder of two mysterious men—who seem to have recently tried to kill Johnny themselves, or at least scare him off his political causes.

After vanquishing a truly iniquitous collection of violent individuals, Billy moved his family to west Montana and hung out a shingle for his law practice. Haunting suspense and captivating villains, the hallmark of James Lee Burke's bestselling novels of evil and redemption, are brilliantly evoked in his new Billy Bob Holland opus, the follow-up to the popular and critically acclaimed Bitterroot.

James lee burke tells a story in a style all his own, in language that's alive, electric. He's a master at setting mood, laying in atmosphere, all with quirky dialogue that's a delight.


Rain Gods: A Novel Hackberry Holland Book 2

Simon & Schuster #ad - America’s best novelist” the denver post brings back one of his most fascinating characters—Texas sheriff Hackberry Holland, cousin to lawman Billy Bob Holland—in this heart-pounding bestseller. In a heat-cracked border town, the bodies of nine illegal aliens—women and girls, killed execution-style—are unearthed in a shallow grave.

Sorting through the lowlifes who are hunting down pete, and with Preacher Jack Collins, Vikki, Hack is caught up in a terrifying race for survival—for Pete, in the mix, a Godfearing serial killer for hire, and himself. Damaged young iraq vet pete flores, Vikki Gaddis, and his girlfriend, who saw too much before fleeing the crime scene, are running for their lives.

Rain Gods: A Novel Hackberry Holland Book 2 #ad - Haunted by a past he can’t shake and his own private demons, Hack attempts to untangle the grisly case, which may lead to more bloodshed.


Feast Day of Fools: A Novel Hackberry Holland Book 3

Simon & Schuster #ad - This time, he and the Preacher have a common enemy. And when soulless preacher Jack Collins reemerges, the cold-blooded killer may prove invaluable to Hackberry. When alcoholic ex-boxer danny boy lorca witnesses a man tortured to death in the desert, Hackberry’s investigation leads him to Anton Ling, a mysterious Chinese woman known for sheltering illegals.

. The critically acclaimed thirtieth entry from new York Times bestselling author James Lee Burke, Western, featuring Texas Sheriff Hackberry Holland in an epic tale that is equal parts thriller, and literary masterpiece. James lee burke returns to the texas border town of his bestseller Rain Gods, where a serial killer presumed dead is very much alive…and where sheriff Hackberry Holland, now a widower, fights for survival—his own, and of the citizens he’s sworn to protect.

Feast Day of Fools: A Novel Hackberry Holland Book 3 #ad - Ling denies any knowledge of the attack, but something in her aristocratic beauty seduces Hack into overlooking that she is as dangerous as the men she harbors.


Lay Down My Sword and Shield Hackberry Holland Book 1

Simon & Schuster #ad - When hack attempts to overturn a conviction for an old army buddy, he finds himself embroiled in the seamy underbelly of the Texas patronage system—and in the earliest beginnings of the United Farm Workers movement, led by a beautiful woman who speaks to his heart in a way no one else has. With his skillful blend of engaging plotlines, and graceful prose, compelling characters, James Lee Burke demonstrates the shimmering clarity of vision that has made him beloved by suspense fans all over the globe.

Vintage james lee burke: the first novel introducing the memorable Texas sheriff Hackberry Holland, coming of age against the backdrop of the civil rights era in a sultry border town. In hot and sultry texas, his brother, an attorney and Korean War POW, is being pushed by his wife, Hack, and his so-called friends in the oil business to run for political office.

Lay Down My Sword and Shield Hackberry Holland Book 1 #ad - But hack would prefer to drink, look after his beloved horses, and represent the occasional long-shot pro bono case at his law firm. As hack begins to bring justice to the underserved, he finds both a new love and a new purpose.


House of the Rising Sun: A Novel A Holland Family Novel

Simon & Schuster #ad - Bestselling author james lee burke’s masterpiece is the story of a father and son separated by war, circumstance, and a race for the Holy Grail—a thrilling entry in the Holland family saga The New York Times Book Review has described as “saturated with the romance of the past while mournfully attuned to the unholy menace of the present.

After a violent encounter that leaves four mexican soldiers dead, earning the ire of a bloodthirsty Austrian arms dealer who places Hack’s son, Texas Ranger Hackberry Holland escapes the country in possession of a stolen artifact believed to be the mythic cup of Christ, Ishmael, squarely in the cross hairs of a plot to recapture his prize.

House of the Rising Sun: A Novel A Holland Family Novel #ad - On the journey from revolutionary mexico in 1918 to the saloons of san antonio during the hole in the wall gang’s reign, we meet three extraordinary women: the Danish immigrant who is Ishmael’s mother and Hackberry’s one true love; a brothel madam descended from the Crusader knight who brought the Shroud of Turin back from the Holy Land; and a onetime lover of the Sundance Kid, whose wiles rival those of Lady Macbeth.

In her own way, each woman will aid Hack in his quest to reconcile with Ishmael, to vanquish their enemies, and to return the Grail to its rightful place.


Wayfaring Stranger: A Novel A Holland Family Novel

Simon & Schuster #ad - In his most ambitious work yet, New York Times bestseller James Lee Burke tells a classic American story through one man's unforgettable life. In 1934, sixteen-year-old weldon avery Holland happens upon infamous criminals Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow after one of their notorious armed robberies. A confrontation with the outlaws ends with Weldon firing a gun, unsure whether it hit its mark.

Ten years later, hershel pine, and a young spanish prisoner of war, rosita lowenstein—a woman who holds the same romantic power over him as the strawberry blonde Bonnie Parker, in the process saving the lives of his sergeant, Second Lieutenant Weldon Holland barely survives the Battle of the Bulge, and is equally mysterious.

Wayfaring Stranger: A Novel A Holland Family Novel #ad - A tender love story and pulse-pounding thriller, wayfaring Stranger "is a sprawling historical epic full of courage and loyalty and optimism and good-heartedness that reads like an ode to the American Dream" Benjamin Percy, Poets & Writers. But it is the prospect of losing his one true love that will spur his most reckless act yet—one inspired by that encounter long ago with the outlaws of his youth.

The three return to texas where Weldon and Hershel get in on the ground floor of the nascent oil business. In just a few years’ time weldon will spar with the jackals of the industry, rub shoulders with dangerous men, and win and lose fortunes twice over.


The Jealous Kind: A Novel A Holland Family Novel

Simon & Schuster #ad - New york times bestselling author and “the reigning champ of nostalgia noir” The New York Times Book Review James Lee Burke returns with a powerful novel in the Holland Family series, an atmospheric coming-of-age story set in 1950s Texas, as the specter of the Korean War looms. On its surface, drive-in movies, life in 1950s Houston is as you’d expect; stoic fathers, restless teens, and souped-up Cadillacs.

Grady is a live wire though, and presents a looming problem for Aaron. But underneath that surface lies a world shifting under high school junior Aaron Holland Broussard’s feet. The underlying class war between the haves and have nots is growing steadily, along with the menace of conflict overseas in Korea, providing a harrowing backdrop to his growth to manhood.

The Jealous Kind: A Novel A Holland Family Novel #ad - You will recall the feelings and inspirational power of your first love, and empathize with Aaron’s extraordinary challenges to protect himself and the ones he loves in “this dark, atmospheric story” Publishers Weekly. The jealous kind illustrates how first loves, friendship, violence, and power can alter what traditional America means for the people trying to find their way in a changing world.

But when aaron spots the beautiful Valerie Epstein at a drive-in, he steps in when he sees her fighting with her boyfriend, Grady Harrelson. Aaron’s newfound confidence helps catch Valerie’s eye, and the two begin dating.


Two for Texas

Pocket Books #ad - Son holland escaped a Louisiana chain gang—but never intended to kill a prison guard during the breakaway. This early james lee burke classic is available again—featuring Son Holland, the great-grandfather of beloved hero Billy Bob Holland, as he flees a Louisiana prison camp with a Native American woman and a fellow prisoner in tow.

James lee burke steps back three generations to reveal the lightning-paced tale of western lawman Billy Bob Holland’s great-grandfather, a fugitive swept up in the proud fight for Texan independence. Terrified for his life, on the run through the bayou with fellow escapee Hugh Allison and a beautiful Indian squaw, Son flees across the river to Texas, where the only chance the travelers have for survival awaits in a violent storm of revolution led by General Houston and James Bowie.