City of Night

Grove Press - He tells the truth, and tells it with such passion that we are forced to share in the life he conveys. Bold and inventive in style, and the denizens of their world, drag queens, Rechy is unflinching in his portrayal of one hustling “youngman” and his search for self-knowledge within the neon-lit world of hustlers, as he moves from El Paso to Times Square, from Pershing Square to the French Quarter.

. Now including never-seen original marked galley pages and an interview with the author, Rechy’s portrait of the edges of America has lost none of its power to move and exhilarate. Nevertheless, and fifty years later, the book became an international bestseller, it has become a classic. Grove Press. Rechy’s tone rings absolutely true, is absolutely his own.

City of Night - . It earned comparisons to Genet and Kerouac, even as Rechy was personally attacked by scandalized reviewers. This is a most humbling and liberating achievement. James baldwinwhen john rechy’s explosive first novel appeared in 1963, it marked a radical departure in fiction, and gave voice to a subculture that had never before been revealed with such acuity.

Dancer from the Dance: A Novel

Harper Perennial - Hilarious, and ultimately heartbreaking, Dancer from the Dance is truthful, provocative, witty, outrageous fiction told in a voice as close to laughter as to tears. One of the most important works of gay literature, this haunting, brilliant novel is a seriocomic remembrance of things past -- and still poignantly present.

It depicts the adventures of Malone, a beautiful young man searching for love amid New York's emerging gay scene. From manhattan's everard baths and after-hours discos to Fire Island's deserted parks and lavish orgies, Malone looks high and low for meaningful companionship. Harper Perennial. The person he finds is sutherland, a campy quintessential queen -- and one of the most memorable literary creations of contemporary fiction.


Grove Press - The book is a fierce satire of the gay ghetto and a touching story of one man's desperate search for love there, and how little, and reading it today is a fascinating look at how much, has changed. Grove Press. Harper Perennial. Larry kramer's faggots has been in print since its original publication in 1978 and has become one of the best-selling novels about gay life ever written.


Grove Press - Grove Press. Johnny has ten precious days to draw the "numbers, he stalks the dark balconies of all-night theaters, and shady glens of city parks, the hot sands of gay beaches, and with the hungry focus of a man on borrowed time, " the men who will confirm his desirability, attempting to attract shadowy sex-hunters in an obcessive battle against the passing of his youth.

Book jacket/back: johnny rio, travels to los angeles, a handsome narcissist but no longer a pretty boy, the site of past sexual conquest and remembered youthful radiance, in a frenzied attempt to recreate his younger self. Harper Perennial.

The City and the Pillar: A Novel

Vintage - But when he and his best friend, partake in “awful kid stuff, Bob, ” the experience forms Jim’s ideal of spiritual completion. Upon finally encountering Bob years later, the force of his hopes for a life together leads to a devastating climax. A literary cause célèbre when first published more than fifty years ago, Gore Vidal’s now-classic The City and the Pillar stands as a landmark novel of the gay experience.

Jim, a handsome, all-American athlete, has always been shy around girls. Defying his parents’ expectations, Jim strikes out on his own, hoping to find Bob and rekindle their amorous friendship. Along the way he struggles with what he feels is his unique bond with Bob and with his persistent attraction to other men.

The City and the Pillar: A Novel - Harper Perennial. The first novel of its kind to appear on the American literary landscape, The City and the Pillar remains a forthright and uncompromising portrayal of sexual relationships between men. Grove Press.

Rain God

Harper Perennial - Already a southwestern classic as beautiful, subtle and profound as the desert itself Arturo Islas's The Rain God is a breathtaking masterwork of contemporary literature. In bold creative strokes, islas paints on unforgettable family portrait of souls haunted by ghosts and madness--sinners torn by loves, lusts and dangerous desires.

Grove Press. Set in a fictional small town on the texas-mexico border, it tells the funny, sad and quietly outrageous saga of the children and grandchildren of Mama Chona the indomitable matriarch of the Angel clan who fled the bullets and blood of the 1911 revolution for a gringo land of promise. And to hold onto their past while embracing an unsteady future.

Rain God - . Harper Perennial. From gentle hearts plagued by violence and epic delusions to a child who con foretell the coming of rain in the sweet scent of angels, here is a rich and poignant tale of outcasts struggling to live and die with dignity.

The Sexual Outlaw: A Documentary Rechy, John

Grove Press - In this angry, with commentaries, eloquent outcry against the oppression of homosexuals, the author of the classic City of Night gives "an explosive non-fiction account, of three days and nights in the sexual underground" of Los Angeles in the 1970s--the "battlefield" of the sexual outlaw. Grove Press.

Using the language and techniqus of the film, rechy deftly intercuts the despairing, and defiant confessions of a male hustler with the "chorus" of his own subversive reflections on sexual identity and sexual politics, joyful, and with stark documentary reports our society directs against homosexuals--"the only minority against whose existence there are laws.

The Sexual Outlaw: A Documentary Rechy, John - Harper Perennial.

Last Exit to Brooklyn Evergreen Book

Grove Press - Grove Press. Last exit to brooklyn remains undiminished in its awesome power and magnitude as the novel that first showed us the fierce, primal rage seething in America’s cities. Grove Press. Harper Perennial. Selby brings out the dope addicts, hoodlums, workers, prostitutes, and thieves brawling in the back alleys of Brooklyn.

. This explosive best-seller has come to be regarded as a classic of modern American writing.

A Single Man: A Novel Picador Modern Classics

Farrar, Straus and Giroux - Welcome to sunny suburban 1960s Southern California. A single man follows him over the course of an ordinary twenty-four hours. Grove Press. He is determined to persist in the routines of his former life. Isherwood's favorite of his own novels, it now stands as a classic lyric meditation on life as an outsider.

Grove Press. Harper Perennial. Behind his british reserve, rage, tides of grief, and loneliness surge―but what is revealed is a man who loves being alive despite all the everyday injustices. When christopher isherwood's a single Man first appeared, sympathetic, it shocked many with its frank, and moving portrayal of a gay man in maturity.

A Single Man: A Novel Picador Modern Classics - Farrar Straus Giroux. George is a gay middle-aged English professor, adjusting to solitude after the tragic death of his young partner.

Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo

Vintage - Grove Press. Farrar Straus Giroux. Harper Perennial. Before his mysterious disappearance and probable death in 1971, Oscar Zeta Acosta was famous as a Robin Hood Chicano lawyer and notorious as the real-life model for Hunter S. Gonzo, " a fat, pugnacious attorney with a gargantuan appetite for food, drugs, and life on the edge.

Written with uninhibited candor and manic energy, this book is Acosta's own account of coming of age as a Chicano in the psychedelic sixties, of taking on impossible cases while breaking all tile rules of courtroom conduct, and of scrambling headlong in search of a personal and cultural identity. It is a landmark of contemporary Hispanic-American literature, at once ribald, surreal, and unmistakably authentic.

Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo - Thompson's "Dr. Used book in Good Condition. Grove Press.

Giovanni's Room

Vintage Books - Grove Press. Harper Perennial. Vintage Books. Grove Press. Set in the 1950s paris of american expatriates, liaisons, and violence, a young man finds himself caught between desire and conventional morality. Farrar Straus Giroux. Used book in Good Condition. With a sharp, james baldwin's now-classic narrative delves into the mystery of loving and creates a moving, probing imagination, highly controversial story of death and passion that reveals the unspoken complexities of the human heart.