For the Birds Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc. Book 3

- Lana made some promises along the way, and now it's time to follow through. Even if that means putting herself in the path of the three Fates, a fickle and mighty force to be reckoned with. She's the new captain of the posy Unit, battlefields, a specialty group dedicated to harvesting mass quantities of souls from natural disaster sites, and the like.

. Lana harvey isn't just any reaper. The new title didn't come without a price though. The fates run a soul recycling plant in Limbo City, and if Lana isn't careful, they just might recycle her.

Pocket Full of Posies Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc. Book 2

Violent Siren Press - The promise of peace in limbo city is threatened once again, but this time the terrorists have a more specific target in mind: Lana Harvey. The up and coming reaper thought passing her classes at the reaper academy was going to be her biggest challenge, she realizes that her victories from the previous year haven’t gone so unnoticed after all… To make matters worse, but when a rebel demon sends her apartment up in flames, the Afterlife Council has taken notice of Lana too.

The egyptian god horus is blackmailing her into joining the posy unit so she can do an illegal side job for him, insists that she take a two week training course with the devilishly tempting Beelzebub, Lucifer’s daughter, and Cindy Morningstar, much to her angelic boyfriend’s chagrin.

Psychopomp Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc. Book 4

- But some discoveries have a way of bringing one to their knees. When grim's new second in command, jenni Fang, recruits her for a special mission, the biggest victory over the rebels is tainted by a crushing and immediate reprisal. The rebels have a new general working in the shadows of Limbo City, demons, luring gods, reapers, and souls to the dark side.

The afterlife council’s orders to locate the new rebel base are overshadowed by a desperate and mysterious plea from Grim to find the abducted Greek god of sleep, Hypnos. Where lana and Jenni find one, they hope to find the other. In war, everyone loses. Reaper lana Harvey is finding out the hard way.

Death Wish Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc. Book 5

- With the recent death of a dear friend, a lover-turned-spy, and temperamental gods breathing down her neck, Lana’s days seem numbered. As a reaper, it’s all part of the job, but the afterlife has been more turbulent than usual. The second war of eternity is underway, and the streets of Limbo City are heavy with the scent of carnage and betrayal.

But eternity isn’t done with her yet. If you're new to the series, graveyard shifT, grab book 1, for FREE here: http://www. Amazon. Com/graveyard-shift-lana-harvey-Reapers-ebook/dp/B009M0ARH0 Lana harvey’s been through hell and back.

Ghost Market Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc. Book 6

- The rogue reaper isn’t going to be easy to track down, and even if Lana does manage to catch up with her, the real question is whether or not a shot at redemption will be enough to lure her away from the dark side. In the wake of a thwarted war, lana harvey is more than ready for an extended vacation on the new houseboat she shares with the Lord of the Flies, but when the leaderless rebels begin poaching souls and selling them on the Ghost Market, Lana is tasked with heading up a new unit to stop them.

Having one of the most famous faces in eternity proves challenging when it comes to finding a way inside the secretive world of illegal soul peddling, and the only person Lana knows with the right connections is Tasha Henry, a former colleague and defeated rebel with a poaching record.

Hellfire and Brimstone Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc. Book 7

- The startling revelation rips open old wounds and sends her on a quest to discover the truth behind her mentor’s mysterious death, and what it could mean for the fate of Eternity. With the war fallout tapering off, she finds herself reduced back to mundane soul harvesting. It’s not a fancy gig, and the pay isn’t thrilling, but that hardly matters now that she’s shacking up with her retired demon consort, Beelzebub.

The afterlives have stabilized, and all seems well, until an average day on the job crosses Lana’s path with not one but two ghosts she thought were long gone. The end is nigh. Lana harvey is on top of the world—the underworld, that is.

Limbo City Lights Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc.

- Shrum's dying for a Living series. The complete collection of Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc. Short stories! including the 3 previously published shorts: dearly departed, post-mortem set in the 2300s, a crossover short story with Jesse Sullivan, Hair of the Hellhound, and Season's Reapings, PLUS 3 all-new shorts: Pre-Mortem set in the 1700s, and Death or Something Like It, the heroine of Kory M.

Season's Reapings: A Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc. Holiday Short Story

- A lana harvey, Reapers Inc. Lana harvey’s holiday cheer is in overdrive, but when she and archangel Gabriel are summoned to harvest a holly jolly soul in Alaska, the spirit of Christmas brings all the villains to the tundra. Holiday shortthis short story takes place between book 5 Death Wish and book 6 Ghost MarketChristmas looks good on Limbo City, especially with Bub under the mistletoe.

Flesh and Blood Blood Vice Book 7

Violent Siren Press - After a year of playing scion to the temperamental Princess of House Lilith, Jenna is ready to get back to solving cases—even if that means sneaking out of the manor to get the job done. If she can uncover whoever is behind the attack, the council will approve her arrangement with the princess. Jenna’s antics do not go unnoticed by the Vampiric High Council.

. When several representatives drop in to conduct the princess and duchess’s one-year evaluation and are nearly taken out by a poorly-timed bomb, the council decides to put Jenna’s skills as an agent to the test. Otherwise, there’s a locked coffin in her immediate future—a future she’s just learned could include a living niece or nephew.

Thicker Than Blood Blood Vice Book 5

Violent Siren Press - If jenna helps him protect ursula, he will keep her darkest secret and put in a good word with the adoptive sire the queen assigns to her. But when the vampiric high council summons ursula, duchess of House Lilith and Jenna’s unsuspecting grandsire, to a trial where she's to stand accused of murdering her sire and abandoning her depraved scions, the duke is eager to strike a deal.

Blood vice book 5with her home and heart in ruins, Jenna is none too keen on the idea of helping the Duke of House Lilith—the man she holds responsible for everything wrong in her life. Oh, and return her guns—provided she doesn’t use them on him.

Blood Dolls Blood Vice Book 4

Violent Siren Press - Lusting after another vampire's pending scion is a dangerous game, one with legal ramifications in Jenna’s brave new underworld. And there’s no shortage of trouble when dealing with the most regal vampire family in the United States. Jenna thought becoming a blood vice agent would solve all her problems, but now she’s sworn to solve House Lilith’s problems, too.

The duke’s first assignment for Jenna and company is to locate Ursula, the estranged Duchess of House Lilith suspected of murdering her sire. It’s a tall order—a wild bat chase, some might say—and the long hours with half-sired agent Roman Knight soon drive Jenna to distraction, and possible destruction.