Her Scottish King Howls Romance: Loving World Scottish Wolves Book 2

Rom Tell That - He's the most eligible wolf in scotland, but now he needs an heir—and fast—if he wants to hang on to his title as King of the Scottish Wolves. Tara values three things above all else: her freedom, her life among humans in Edinburgh, and her fabulous wardrobe. He’s already decided tara, his new sister-in-law’s best friend, will be his lucky queen.

Read at your own sexy risk, and ssssshhhh!—please don’t spoil the Big Reveal for everyone else. Page count note: her scottish king is a 50, 000-word novel but as a new release bonus, I've included a copy of my first Howl’s Romance, HER SCOTTISH WOLF. No way is she giving all that up for an entitled a-hole with a hit-it-and-quit-it list at least a kilometer long.

Tara’s human understands she will never, ever let the annoyingly handsome alpha anywhere near her. One moon stand gone very, very wrong…Rugby star Magnus Scotswolf is a player in more ways than one. But there’s just one snag…she feckin' hates him. Lone city wolf tara hamilton has zero desire to serve as an incubator for the ridiculously arrogant Scottish Alpha King…or have anything to do with his backwater kingdom village.

Her Scottish King Howls Romance: Loving World Scottish Wolves Book 2 - But there’s just one snag…her wolf hooked up with Magnus’s wolf during the last full moon when neither of their humans was looking. Now…tara is pregnant with the Scottish king’s baby. What will magnus do when he realizes the hostile city she-wolf is carrying his bairn…and discovers the HUGE secret about her hidden past?READER WARNING: Theodora Taylor fans—do not one-click if you’re not ready for a twisty ride with an old-fashioned and oh-so-dirty alpha wolf in a kilt.

Her Scottish Wolf Howls Romance: Loving World Scottish Wolves Book 1

Rom Tell That - Real wolves wear kilts!milly's boss, is a brilliant, Iain Scotswolf, fascinating, and visionary tech billionaire. With only a few months left to live, Milly decides to make the most of the time she has left and put in her two week's notice. Completely valid reason to quit, right?Not for her sexy boss! The only thing more shocking than Iain's response to her resignation? The secret he's been hiding all along.

. Reader warning: do not read this book if you're not ready for a REAL Scottish alpha wolf who will have you cursing him one moment, "Oh, and saying, Iain!" the next. This hot romance has so much heart, it just might inspire you to hop on the next flight to Scotland and start searching for your very own "wolf in a kilt.

Her Scottish Wolf Howls Romance: Loving World Scottish Wolves Book 1 - Don't say we didn't warn you!* * *
and don’t forget to check out the next book in the Scottish Wolves series, HER SCOTTISH KING! So she has no choice but to put up with the boss from hell and his exacting standards. However, everything changes when she's given a terminal diagnosis. Unfortunately, excessively demanding, he's also arrogant, and far too outrageously handsome for his meek assistant to actually look in the eye.

But, as milly has been reminding herself every single day for the past three years, she really needs this job.

Her Ruthless Sheikh: 50 Loving States, New Jersey Ruthless Tycoons Book 2 - ZAHIR

Rom Tell That - But if you're ready for an epic romance with one cruel beast of a sheikh, this story will have you swiping all the way until the shocking end. Zahir and Prin. He's so cold. Favorite. Happy readerDude, it was just one kiss. Please bypass the one-click button if you're looking for a wine and rose petals king. Zahir isn't him.

I'm very much going to enjoy breaking you, " he says, just moments after we become temporary husband and wife. And now i'm about to find out the very, very hard way. Revenge is best served WIFE. Reader warning: this is a dark, full-length romance with blazing hot situations that will make some uncomfortable.

Her Ruthless Sheikh: 50 Loving States, New Jersey Ruthless Tycoons Book 2 - ZAHIR - One kiss. And now i've been compelled to give the King of Jahwar my hand in marriage. But not behind closed doors. But kissing in public isn't allowed in Jahwar. This is a book unicorn y’all. Ever. So polite.

Her Ruthless Don Ruthlessly Obsessed Duet, Book 1: 50 Loving States, New York, Pt. 1 Ruthless Tycoons 3 - LUCA

Rom Tell That - And i won’t stop until she’s mine. But hey, i’m not the kind of guy who gives two birds about honor. My friends and colleagues encourage and applaud me, but I never feel clean. But i’m really the boy in her father’s basement… and ruthlessly obsessed with her. Ruthlessly obsessed… amber: everyone knows me as Amber Reynolds, the fierce and determined law student, who won’t let her blindness hold her back.

My methods for obtaining her ain’t exactly honorable. Book 2 in the duet will be released June 24th. Please note this is a 55000-word novel, with a bonus copy of ZAHIR: Her Ruthless Sheikh included. I’ve been given a new identity, but deep down inside, I know I will never be clean… An unexpected romance has made me start to believe that maybe happily ever after is possible.

Her Ruthless Don Ruthlessly Obsessed Duet, Book 1: 50 Loving States, New York, Pt. 1 Ruthless Tycoons 3 - LUCA - You see, my father used to hurt people, until one day he kidnapped and brutalized the wrong boy. Now, i’m the future head of the Ferraro Crime family, and she’s the only cure for the pain in my soul. She can’t see me, but all I see is her. Note to preview novella readers:You’ll want to read this sexy and delicious tale from the start, as a lot more Luca has been added.

. And the men who came to get him destroyed our lives.

RAFES: Her Fated Wolf: 50 Loving States, Maryland The Brothers Nightwolf Book 3

Rom Tell That - Control my beast, so that no one ever finds out what's underneath my cold exterior. I'm the most powerful wolf in North America, but SHE will be my undoing. Protect my country. I had it all planned out. Remain the most powerful wolf in North America. Then sHE happened. Marry the most elegant and sophisticated she-wolf my team could find.

His to Claim: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance

Taylor Vaughn - My alien overlord is huge, all-powerful, and determined to claim me. He’s huge, all-powerful, and determined to claim me. Can i stop him? and how will I answer when the question becomes, do I want to? If the baby is a boy, it will be taken away, never to be seen again. When they come for my sister’s baby boy, I dare to defy the alien, they call “Tel.

As it turns out, “Tel” means prince. The xalthurians are rough, domineering, and huge all over, but this is the deal our leaders struck so that they would provide our human colony with desperately needed supplies. Every human girl growing up on new Terrhan knows one thing … that she will be taken by one or several Xalthurian males when she turns twenty-one.

His to Claim: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance - I should accept my fate, but I can’t. That is the way it has always been on our small planet and that is the way it will always be. When i am twenty-one. But rather than killing me for my insolence, the future overlord vows to return to the planet. If the baby born from our taking is a girl, we will be allowed to keep it.

His to Reclaim Ruthlessly Obsessed Duet, Book 2: 50 Loving States, New York Pt. 2 Ruthless Tycoons 4 - AMBER

Rom Tell That - It will not disappoint. Happy amazon readerthe thrilling conclusion to the Ruthlessly Obsessed Duet!Since our divorce, my ex-husband has become one of the most powerful crime bosses on the eastern seaboard. And he immediately made me his prisoner. Or my soul. But i'm going to get out of his prison. Worst Divorce Ever.

Because luca Ferraro doesn't forgive and he doesn't forget. And as far as he's concerned, revenge is best served twice. Do not finish this tale of ruthless love and obsession unless you are fully prepared for a hero who will stop at nothing to get his ex-wife back. He's not someone you want to cross, and I did a good job of avoiding him for five long years.

His to Reclaim Ruthlessly Obsessed Duet, Book 2: 50 Loving States, New York Pt. 2 Ruthless Tycoons 4 - AMBER - But then I lied to him. When he caught me in that lie, I admitted it. I just don't know if I'll be able to get away with my heart intact. Reader warning: This is a second chance romance gone dark. Now a top 50 amazon bestseller"i was amazed by the ending. A must read book.

Walking the Dawg: A Novella Love Thy Neighbor Book 2

Davonshire House Publishing - Buster padfoot terrorized the community and his owner Dawg wasn't much better. Kieran "dawg" dunagan wasn't about to bring his guard dog to heel no matter how much the new neighbor stirred his blood. Linda blaine didn't care for the high handed tactics of her muscled bound neighbor or his predatory pup. She did like the intense spark between them and she looked forward to teaching some manners to both man and beast.

It's time to visit the new neighbors next door and watch Linda Walking the Dawg.

Carter Me Three Movement Book 1

AZINA MEDIA PUBLICATIONS - Carter was written by usa today bestselling & multi-Award Winning Author Xyla TurnerCarter StrongSo, I yell at referees because they tend to act like blind bats half of the time. Declan is available for Pre-Order! Book 2 declan in the #MeThree Series is available for pre-order. Sasha chapmanmy transfer to a new league was the perfect move for my career.

He had it coming. Who the f*ck does she think she is? I own this league. I needed to get away from him. I didn't mean for the media to go on a rampage about him, but when he accused me of being attracted to him, that was the last straw. I could own her, if I wanted. Until i met, coach strong, the abrasive asshole who yelled at me and accused me of having my ponytail too tight to see.

Carter Me Three Movement Book 1 - You can see more like this book with the following titles:trent: book 1 in the across the aisle seriesduncan: book 2 in the Across the Aisle SeriesAcross the Tracks: Pre-Book for Across the Aisle SeriesTake A KneeAlways RightCole10-80: Line of Duty 10-99: Line of DutyExtractionPower of the PenBy Chance, No ChoiceUndertonesCarter is an IR book BWWM and HEA.

But he wouldn't let me. I'm passionate, sure, but this new referee has the audacity to throw me out of my own damn game.

Reparation: Le Duc

Shara Azod, LLC - It’s a hanging tree. Encountering a child was the last thing Nadir had expected, though he hadn’t really been sure what to expect. Okay, no man was going to control her outside the bedroom. With skin the color of toasted caramel, the imp had eyes that were almost amethyst with spikes of marine blue. Sorry for him.

Who was she? “my mama ain’t gonna marry you. Giving him a sweeping look from head to foot she shook her head as if she felt sorry for him. As soon as he was out of the car, scanning the ground around the base, he went straight for it, then the lower branches with no idea what he was looking for. He was dominique nadir Amir Afshar de Choiseul, or duc de Choiseul.

Reparation: Le Duc - End of discussion. No, as if she were above him, as regal as a queen in her frilly little dress and bare dirty feet. In fact, she looked pleased with her tiny fists resting on her hips. Right next to the object of his fascination. Laughter bubbled up from somewhere deep inside Nadir’s gut. I warned you, ” she sighed mournfully before turning and walking toward the house.

It started out rusty, like an old pipe suddenly flooded with a rush a water after laying dry for about a decade.

Vita Mia Battaglia Mafia Series Book 10

The Divas Pen LLC - This is the long-awaited conclusion to the Battaglia Mafia Series. Through vengeance and blood the family she swore to protect paid the ultimate price. Her husband's absence haunts them all. The journey to the end of the Mafia Boss and his Black American Bella is as epic as true love. Love doesn't solve everything but if truly believed it can heal almost anyone.

Now at the seasoned age of 54, she has decided to reveal her truth to her children and the world. Her children are divided on how best to protect their parent's legacy. However, loathing, for those of you who have spent the past 8 years loving, and enjoying la famiglia, you finally have the conclusion this love affair deserves.

Vita Mia Battaglia Mafia Series Book 10 - You can start at the end to understand the beginning. Mirabella battaglia has survived births, deaths, and betrayals as the wife of the most powerful Camorra Mafia Don in all of the Amalfi. It is the year 2018. But after three decades of mistakes, she has now learned the most valued lesson. A truth steeped in lies and secrets once nurtured and empire but later destroyed the most powerful man in their lives.