Making of a Continent

Illustrates and explains the geological history of North America and traces its impact on the continent's natural and human history.

Timefulness: How Thinking Like a Geologist Can Help Save the World

Why an awareness of earth’s temporal rhythms is critical to our planetary survivalFew of us have any conception of the enormous timescales in our planet’s long history, and this narrow perspective underlies many of the environmental problems we are creating for ourselves. These overlapping rates of change in the Earth system―some fast, some slow―demand a poly-temporal worldview, one that Bjornerud calls “timefulness.

She explains why timefulness is vital in the Anthropocene, this human epoch of accelerating planetary change, and proposes sensible solutions for building a more time-literate society. This compelling book presents a new way of thinking about our place in time, enabling us to make decisions on multigenerational timescales.

But spans of hundreds of years―the time a molecule of carbon dioxide resides in the atmosphere―approach the limits of our comprehension. Timefulness reveals how knowing the rhythms of Earth’s deep past and conceiving of time as a geologist does can give us the perspective we need for a more sustainable future.

Marcia bjornerud shows how geologists chart the planet’s past, explaining how we can determine the pace of solid Earth processes such as mountain building and erosion and comparing them with the more unstable rhythms of the oceans and atmosphere. Our everyday lives are shaped by processes that vastly predate us, and our habits will in turn have consequences that will outlast us by generations.

The lifespan of earth may seem unfathomable compared to the brevity of human existence, but this view of time denies our deep roots in Earth’s history―and the magnitude of our effects on the planet.

Corridors of time: 1,700,000,000 years of earth at Grand Canyon

In corridors of time, the splendors of the Grand Canyon are presented in a stunning new manner, with panoramas and points of view even the millions of visitors to the site have not experienced. Through hauntingly beautiful pictures-the like of which have never before been published in book form-. Used book in Good Condition.


Origins: The Evolution of Continents, Oceans and Life

The award was in recognition of his contribution to the public understanding in science. Changes in climate and sea level are nothing new - over the last 700 million years, the Earth has been slowly but constantly changing from within. This intriguing exploration of key sites, often remote and inaccessible, provides a clear and original perspective on the Earth as a dynamic, interactive planet.

This was presented to him before his permanent return to England in 1996. The compelling narrative by a bestselling science writer places the history of our planet in a challenging contemporary context in which human beings, like all living things, must embrace change or fail to survive. As a science writer ron redfern has received a number of prestigious literary and academic awards, perhaps most notably the American Institute of Professional Geologists’ Outstanding Achievement Award.

Used book in Good Condition. Designed either to be browsed through like a website or read in chronological sequence, each chapter provides a fascinating glimpse into the formation and development of our world. Glorious panoramic photography by the author, a specialist in interpretive landscape, reveals the physical legacy of the Earth’s distant past.

Such insecurity lies at the heart of both the physical and the living world, providing the creative impetus for all life forms to confront change, adapt and evolve. This exceptional book celebrates the inevitability of global change and highlights our need as human beings to recognize and adjust to it. Used book in Good Condition.

Nova: Making North America

Used book in Good Condition. Mighty, elemental forces, titanic floods, the grinding of great ice sheets, fiery eruptions, and massive impacts from space molded North America. This spectacular road trip through our nations tumultuous past sets out to answer 3 fundamental questions: How was the continent built? How did life evolve here? And how has its spectacular landscape shaped human lives and destinies? Used book in Good Condition.


The Story of Earth: The First 4.5 Billion Years, from Stardust to Living Planet

Shrink-wrapped. Hailed by the new york Times for writing “with wonderful clarity about science. With an astrobiologist’s imagination, a historian’s perspective, and a naturalist’s eye, Hazen calls upon twenty-first-century discoveries that have revolutionized geology and enabled scientists to envision Earth’s many iterations in vivid detail—from the mile-high lava tides of its infancy to the early organisms responsible for more than two-thirds of the mineral varieties beneath our feet.

Used book in Good Condition. Penguin Books. Lucid, and on the cutting edge of its field, controversial, The Story of Earth is popular science of the highest order. A sweeping rip-roaring yarn of immense scope, from the birth of the elements in the stars to meditations on the future habitability of our world.

Science"A fascinating story. Bill mckibben Used book in Good Condition. That effortlessly teaches as it zips along, ” nationally bestselling author Robert M. Hazen offers a radical new approach to Earth history in this intertwined tale of the planet’s living and nonliving spheres.