Oney: My Escape From Slavery

Endeavour Media - Lady washington treats her as well as her own grandchildren. At its heart is the paradox of liberty – for an individual, for a race, for a nation. But though she is often mistaken as a Washington relative by visitors, Oney remains in bondage. In the spring of 1796, lady washington tells Oney that she will make her granddaughter Eliza a nice wedding gift.

Oney works in “the big house” at Mount Vernon, sewing dresses and serving tea. Although they make several attempts to capture her, she lives the rest of her life in freedom. Diana rubino’s oney: my escape From Slavery is a painstakingly re-imagined account of a true and painful story told generations on.

Oney: My Escape From Slavery - On may 21, 1796, oney walks straight past the Washingtons and out the front door. Oney soon discovers this does not mean sewing a negligee or a quilt for a gift. She is lady washington’s inherited property, though the word ‘slave’ is never spoken. At least she has help. In a modern world where cultures and histories collide, it is a timely reminder of perspectives on ‘slavery’ and ‘freedom’ that we may have become blind to.

Oney is a ‘quadroon’ – three parts white and one part black. Leading a nation is a demanding and often lonely business and Lady Washington is unable to persuade her husband to give up his public ‘duty’. A longtime member of romance writers of america, the richard iii Society, and the Aaron Burr Association, she recently completed a romantic thriller about Alexander Hamilton and biographical novels about Eliza Jumel Burr and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s wife Sophia.

Massa's Baby

Storytellers' Publication - She was the product of a Negro mother and a White father who she would go on to know as Massa. After spending over two decades on Mr. Where she would eventually learn the mental bondage of slavery and the effect that it had on the Negro nation. In 1791 sugga was born into slavery on Dan Cobweb's plantation in Mansfield, Louisiana.

Cobweb's plantation, she was sold to Henry Winslow in Houston, Texas.


- From the author of born a colored girl and pappy moses’ peanut plantation – by a twist of fate, a runaway slave girl and a wounded Confederate officer are thrown together, and must rely on each other to survive. Can the seed of love grow in the garden of hate? .

The Chronicles of Neffie

- Medallion Honoree. The chronicles of neffie is the first of six novel series centered around Neffie, a fifteen year old slave girl growing up in the Deep South. 2018 b. R. A. G. Loosely based on true life events, Neffie takes readers on a tumultuous journey as she navigates her day to day life as a slave in Colbert County, Alabama.

What will come of Neffie? Only time will tell. Told from the perspective of a fifteen year old slave girl, Neffie's experiences are heart wrenching and compelling. The chronicles of neffie is a harrowing account full of twists and turns that will have readers anxiously waiting to see what will happen next.

The Chronicles of Neffie - This is only the beginning. Let the journey begin.

The Throwback: The Girl Who Didn't Belong

- Helping her in return, he discovers the secrets of his family which set him on a collision course with his father and the law. Mosa makes it north to freedom but even in New York, she finds her life is threatened. Receiving unexpected news, she risks her life to return South during the height of the Civil War.

She hopes to wait it out in relative safety away from any population center, but the war finds her and threatens to destroy those she cares about. A family saga of hatred, forbidden love, revenge, overcoming hardship and helping others from the author of Bound Bayou. For fans of books such as Yellow Crocus and Sister of Mine.

The Throwback: The Girl Who Didn't Belong - The gripping sequel, Sweet Bitter Freedom, is now available on Amazon. A baby’s birth to george elwood’s wife on their South Carolina plantation threatens to cause a scandal, but the funeral of mother and child seems to ensure the truth will never be known. Years later elwood's son, Thomas, is rescued from disaster by a slave, Mosa.

A Slave of the Shadows

Huntson Press Inc. - Beautiful and headstrong Willow Hendricks lives in an era where ladies are considered nothing more than property. Her father rules her life, filling it with turmoil, secrets, and lies. She finds a kindred spirit in spunky, outspoken Whitney Barry, a northerner from Boston. Wow. Each chapter leaves the reader hanging and consistent reading is compelling.

This is a truly amazing novel. Those looking for a less-problematic alternative to Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind could do worse than this novel, which feels surprisingly relevant to the current historical moment. A pleasant costume drama with a focus on liberation. Kirkus reviewsYou guys! This book.

A Slave of the Shadows - The characters of willow and Whitney are perfectly developed, and the descriptions of life in these times is both upsetting and awe-inspiring. An amazing book, for one, and I, can't wait for the sequel. The quirky Lady. 2018 readers' favorite book awards, south carolina, historical Fiction MysteryIn 1850 Charleston, Gold Medal Winner, brutality and cruelty simmer just under the genteel surface of Southern society.

I've hit the jackpot in HistFics! A Slave of the Shadows is absolutely breathtaking. Pursuing stacie"the author, naomi finley, has skillfully crafted an epic story of oppression and obsession set in the deep south during a time when equality was unheard of and slavery was the norm. As a history buff, it is truly a joy to me to read something that is accurate.


- From the author of pappy moses' peanut plantation and A Slave's Song - Two slaves, a mother and daughter, separated during the Civil War never to see each other again. From her mother's diary, Etta Jean will learn to love the mother she never knew. And from the same diary, a mother will finally give of herself.

The Shack on the Hill

Curved Brick - They are helped by a number of people as they make their way towards freedom. The year is 1858 and the activity of the Underground Railroad is at its peak as it seeks to smuggle slaves out of the southern states of the U. S. So, take the journey and discover if Owen, Patsey and Amos make it to the supposed safety of the shack on the hill.

Edwin page is the author of numerous works of fiction and non-fiction, including the widely acclaimed books The Hanging Tree, Runaway and Where Seagulls Fly. Set in georgia, the shack on the hill tells the tale of three slaves that escape a cotton plantation and a family who assist such people on the journey north to freedom.

The Shack on the Hill - Owen and patsey leave Lone Pine Plantation with another slave called Amos. Their two children, are ignorant of their parents’ activity, Rose and Lily, but that doesn’t ensure their safety should the hideout be discovered. A gripping page-turner, this story will have you captivated from beginning to end.

However, one cast by the brutal slave catcher, Ernst Schumacher, a shadow follows them, known as ‘Mack. Simon and eloise are part of the underground Railroad, the former acting as a ‘Station Master’ for one of the hideouts where slaves rest for the day before continuing north.

Antebellum Struggles: Slavery, Lust and Suspicion BOOK ONE

- Set in and around new orleans, sex, this deeply moving tale of scandal, and suspense follows the voyages of these very different characters in the 1850s. The field slave, tabari, finally escapes but is hunted by two saddle tramps and the law. Collette's suspicions and jealousies arise, but are tempered from the guilt of her own infidelity.

Throughout it all, the scalawag Doctor disrupts everyone's lives, managing to line his own pockets all the while. After toiling in the colonel's sugar cane fields, Amana’s brought into his mansion as a house servant for the Colonel and his wife, Collette.

Everything We Lose: A Civil War Novel of Hope, Courage and Redemption

- Tip quickly realizes that if he wants to survive he must run. Her touching story moves along quickly, but will keep you in suspense until the final pages. Historical novel society"i highly recommend this historical book for all Civil War fans but also for those who just enjoy a good human story that will make you smile and cry.

Readers' favorite Five Stars"I fell in love with this book. Our town Book Reviews". A well-deserved 5+ stars. Locks, hooks and Books  ". Full of rich details. Books Direct ". Dramatic twists did make me think of some of those grand tales like North and South and Gone with the Wind. Andy's young adult books "An entertaining read for those who love historical fiction.

Rooks of the Raven

- Both parents former slaves. Fans of 12 years a slave or roots will love the gripping novel that is Rooks of the RavenUnravel a dark past that is slavery. Young teen fights her way through a life in chains. Abel finds comfort in a local boy and they become good friends. The thing is, Abel mother a mute. I took her life.

Have you ever quenched for a story that will drive intense emotions? Glare through the lens of a 14-year young slave. After watching my family tortured before my eyes, me and my baby sister were sold into slavery in Virginia where we learned first-hand everything our parents worked so hard to conceal us from.

Rooks of the Raven - I didn't want my baby sister to breathe the sins of this world, so I did what I thought was best. Corjo does something she never would have believed if she didn’t witness it with her own eyes. She watches as her beloved daughters are captured in front of her. Unravel the rooks history, learn the power of the word, and be prepared for an emotional journey of triumph over adversity.

She could not even cry her children's name. Are you curious as to why on the cover the woman holding a chess piece?Rooks of the Raven is a unique type of story.