Our Options Have Changed On Hold #1

- It is a loose spinoff from Julia Kent’s Shopping for a Billionaire series, with cameo appearances from favorite characters. A single father for more than fifteen years after his wife walked out on her family, Nick finally tastes freedom. But he likes the taste of Chloe more. Our options have changed is a full-length standalone contemporary romance, the first in the On Hold series by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Julia Kent and journalist-turned-fiction-writer Elisa Reed.

Fantasy is her job. And she’s very, very good at what she does. As director of design for the o spa chain, a sophisticated women’s club that is trending its way into being the Next Big Thing, Chloe’s ready to take on the world. One baby at a time. Her home study’s done, and she’s about to adopt, a thirty-something single mother by choice.

Our Options Have Changed On Hold #1 - Having it all is a fantasy, right?Chloe Browne knows all about fantasy. Who needs to put her life on hold for the right guy when the right baby is waiting for her?Besides, talk about fantasy. The right guy?Pfft. Right. And then in walks nick grafton, with those commanding sapphire eyes and wavy blonde hair and a sophisticated mouth that only smiles for her.

Thank You For Holding On Hold #2

- Sure, but he’s a few years younger and just, he’s a hot male stripper at the O Spa where she works as junior designer, you know -- a friend. Having it all is a fantasy, right?Carrie Shelton thought her boyfriend was too good to be true. Stat. Enter Ryan. You do not need to have read book 1 in the series, but after reading about Carrie and Ryan’s friends-to-lovers adventure, you’ll want to.

And her ex is the best man - but now he has his own best man. She needs a date. Enthusiastic, even. Especially when it comes to physical displays of affection. Public kisses turn to private confessions, and pretty soon, Carrie can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality. Because if ryan's just pretending he's in love with her, then why does the chemistry between them -- and between the sheets -- feel so real?Carrie can't settle for almost, though.

Thank You For Holding On Hold #2 - Fantasy. So when he ran off with kevin, right before his sister’s wedding, the owner of an antique shop, Carrie’s life went from fantasy to nightmare. As maid of honor, she can’t back out of the wedding. Her best friend's brother? a guy who loved antiquing? Who cuddled on the couch while watching foodie YouTube clips and talking about artisanal spices? Who helped her accessorize her outfits?Right.

She's not putting her life on hold anymore.

Bad Girl Wicked Book 2

- Now. Anna. It. Cannot wait for the finale! Need. Funny, raw, sweet, emotional and freaking hot!” -Debbie“So sweet and completely real. Tamanna“i’m an emotional wreck. Pam“oh my goodness this was brilliant. Piper lawson takes the rock star trope to a whole new level. Dawn“one word to describe this series: HOOKED.

Danielle, short and Sassy“Hot damn, this series is amazing. But jax jamieson’s never followed the rules. I wonder why he's here. I wonder what took him so long. I wonder what he's going to do to me when I get off this stage. Bad girl is part 2 in the new adult rock star trilogy WICKED! Jax and Haley’s romance begins in Good Girl and concludes in Wicked Girl.

Bad Girl Wicked Book 2 - Holy crap. Rockstars don't chase college students.

Cheeky King Royals Undercover Book 2

Sankofa Girl - What good is a king without his Queen?Sebastian…I never wanted the crown, but now it's mine. Instead of my freedom–instead of her. But even though she’s not mine to keep, I can’t seem to stay away. Penny…the moment he became king, I knew we were over. Now i’ve returned home some kind of conquering hero.

If only they all knew that we'd both lost our hearts. If only i could stay out of the royal bed. What good is being cocky if you can’t get what you want? .

Wicked Girl

- He was a legend, until he walked away. Piper lawson takes the rock star trope to a whole new level. Dawn “one word to describe this series: HOOKED. Danielle, short and Sassy “Hot damn, this series is amazing. Cannot wait for the finale! Need. It. Funny, raw, sweet, emotional and freaking hot!” -Debbie “So sweet and completely real.

Tamanna “i’m an emotional wreck. Pam “oh my goodness this was brilliant. Now. Anna. I was nobody, until I was dragged into the light. I was never supposed to be part of Wicked, but it was always part of me. Now it's my turn to do something that matters. Even if the man I love hates me for it. Wicked girl is the final instalment in the new adult rock star trilogy WICKED! Jax and Haley's story begins in Good Girl, continues in Bad Girl, and concludes in Wicked Girl.

Wicked Girl - Holy crap.

The Choices I've Made By The Bay Book 1

JL Berg, LLC - I felt safe with him. I thought i’d forgotten those piercing blue eyes and the sound of his laugh. Twelve years ago, he drove away with my heart in his hands. I’ve moved on since then. Or so I thought. Growing up in a small town, there weren’t too many options when it came to friends. But, even in a sea of a million, I’d always choose Jake Jameson.

I tried to obliterate the memory of his touch from my mind. But, one single glance, as he stands at my door, and I’m suddenly transported back to a simpler time when love was easy, twelve years later, and my heart was whole. The problem? I’m marrying his best friend. I thought we’d have forever together.

The Choices I've Made By The Bay Book 1 - That was a long time ago. Safe with my secrets, my dreams and eventually — my heart.

4 - River's Sigh B & B Vol. 1

Winding Path Books - Years later they meet again, and Jo finds her fledgling plans—and her heart—at risk once more. Hookedwhen sam meets the daughter she gave up for adoption and starts to fall for the girl’s adoptive dad, every part of her screams, run. Treat yourself today! If they can’t solve the increasingly dangerous threat posed by Katelyn’s ex, they won’t get a chance to pick up the pieces from their pasts or to find out if true love is real.

Four page turner, full-length novels about overcoming heartbreak and finding your true home. Can shattered love ever be restored? hook, line & siNKERBrian and Katelyn fall for each other hook, line and sinker—but real life isn’t a fairy tale. Together in one heartwarming box set for the very first time, this bargain book includes the first four novels in USA Today bestselling author Ev Bishop’s binge worthy small town contemporary romance series, River’s Sigh B & B.

4 - River's Sigh B & B Vol. 1 - Cozy cabins, outdoor adventures, and the healing, soul-soothing nature, restorative power of love await you. A romance between them would be too weird, wouldn’t it?sPOONSThere’s an extreme heat wave at River’s Sigh B & B, but things have never been colder between Noelle and her husband Cade. Book” your romantic getaway today! Set includes:WEDDING BANDSA terrible misunderstanding separates high school sweethearts.

The Scars I Bare By The Bay Book 2

JL Berg, LLC - My life was adrift. Until I found her. Broken and bruised from an accident that nearly took my life, Cora was the nurse who cared for me. For years, i've been wandering the streets of this town, searching for something too. Maybe she's the answer to my prayers. She not only tended to my wounds, but for a brief time, she healed my heart as well.

But, our lives were destined to take different paths and I never thought I'd see her again. Three years later when she moves into my small town, I can't help but wonder if the universe is trying to tell me something. Cora is seeking a new beginning.

The Billionaire's Unexpected Wife #2

BrixBaxter Publishing - A business opportunity. Not to mention, the woman is sexy as hell. And hell, maybe I’m starting to as well. But it’s never that easy. But i didn’t count on what came next. When i woke up next to a beautiful woman in Vegas, I saw an opportunity. You will have to purchase book 1 and 3 to finish the story. And there’s a kindness to her I’ve never seen before.

Pretending to be her loving husband in public is starting to blur lines in private. But i don’t believe in love. Amaya does believe in love. Unmaterialistic. She pretends to be my wife for a year, and I get my family to keep their mouths shut about settling down. And she gets a payday that changes her life. Not spoiled.

The Billionaire's Unexpected Wife #2 - My past reminds me that it doesn’t exist. This is book 2 of a trilogy. Only problem is, I was wrong. Lucky girl. She’s different than anyone I’ve ever met.

Living with Her One-Night Stand The Loft Book 1

- He was supposed to be a one-night stand, but now he'll be living in the empty room in her shared apartment for the next six months. Jill needs stability and a long-term relationship, and she knows Lucas can never give her those things. Then lucas shows up the next morning as her new roommate. Jill has never been good at taking risks, but she spends one hot night with a stranger, knowing she'll never see him again.

She shouldn't want him for more than one night. But she lives with him. He's around all the time--with his hot smile and his hard body and the soft heart he pretends not to have. Not wanting him isn't really an option. He's looking for a life free of commitments or obligations. She knows he's wrong for her.

Right Under My Nose #2

BrixBaxter Publishing - She wants to help me find the right girl for me and my boy. Forever. This is book 2 of a trilogy. And yet, we persevered. To shut everyone up, I go along with it. And now? she’s sitting across the table from me at my first blind date in years. You can’t make this stuff up. I can only hope she’ll stop her silly search and accept my offer.

Be mine. I politely told her to back off, in so many words. There is a cliffhanger at the end. My best friend agrees. He’s my whole world, and the last thing I have time for is a woman. But this beautiful teacher disagrees. It’s time. A few days ago, my son’s teacher wanted to berate me on my parenting style.

Right Under My Nose #2 - The right woman has been under my nose the whole time. My life couldn’t get any more ridiculous. You will have to buy book 1 and 3 to finish the story. And without realizing it, I’ve fallen deeply in love with her. How bad can this get?Don’t ask.