Plants vs. Zombies: Brains and the Beanstalk

HarperFestival - Zombies: brains and the Beanstalk is a mash-up of the insanely addictive video game and a classic fairy tale. In plants vs. Zombies, and cherry bombs—defend humans against an array of brain-chomping zombies, Peashooters, Wall-nuts, winner of more than 30 Best Game of the Year Awards, plants—including Sunflowers, such as the Pole-Vaulting Zombie and the Cone Zombie.

Now in a thrilling picture book for kids, Jack—of Jack and the Beanstalk fame—enters the fantastical world of the game. The storybook Plants vs. He will battle the zombies with his magical beanstalk fighting by his side. The fun never dies in this action-filled adventure for kids with full-color illustrations.

Plants vs. Zombies: Save Your Brains! I Can Read Level 2

HarperCollins - Zombies: save your brains! is a level Two I Can Read book, geared for kids who read on their own but still need a little help. Based on the bestselling game,  Plants vs. Zombies: save your brains! introduces young readers to Crazy Dave and the fun-dead. The zombies are coming! if you want to save your brains, you'll need to know which plants to use in your garden.

Don't worry—crazy Dave is here to help guide you. I can read books are designed to encourage a love of reading. Plants vs.

Plants vs. Zombies: Plant Your Path Junior Novel

HarperFestival - Plant your path lets readers choose where the story will go and how it will end. He's so proud that he's able to read it!"Plant for your life! Will you defeat the zombie hoard, or lose your brains? The choice is yours!Parents rave: "A fantastic way to transition kids from video games to books" and "Like playing the video game only he's not, he's reading.

My seven-year-old loves this book. Based on the bestselling game Plants vs. He takes it to school, in the car, to bed. Zombies, this junior novel allows you to decide how to escape the zombies.

Plants vs. Zombies: Official Guide to Protecting Your Brains

HarperFestival - Zombies. There are more than twenty-five types of zombies in the fantastical world of Plants vs. The zombies won't have a chance! Zombies: the official guide to Protecting Your Brains is a must for kids who love the video game Plants vs. Zombies, and each has a special talent—from pole-vaulting to digging to teaming up with a zombie dolphin.

Fortunately, and potato mines—that will defeat each member of the fun-loving, knowledge, a gamer armed with The Official Guide to Protecting Your Brains has all the tricks, Cherry Bombs, and strategy needed to plant a garden—perhaps with a few Fume-shrooms, brain-eating mob. Plants vs.

Plants vs. Zombies Volume 3: Bully For You

Dark Horse Books - Zombies graphic novel series:"wonderful fun and silliness await you in this book, and you'll be sure to leave it with a smile on your face and zombie bits on your lawn. Fanboy comics "this is one of the more fun video game adaptations that I've read and the most fun I've had with a zombie story since Zombieland.

Front towards Gamer "If you like Plants vs. Young adventurers patrice and nate have followed neighborhood defender Crazy Dave throughout time--but are they ready to investigate a school campus to keep the streets safe from zombies? In Plants vs. Zombies: bully for you, they'll be visiting a very strange college in an attempt to take down Dr.

Plants vs. Zombies Volume 3: Bully For You - Zomboss yet again--and any school visit's tolerable if you get to battle zombies! paul tobin prometheus, Bandette and Ron Chan The Guild, all-ages romp to your school! Featuring special bonus stories illustrated by acclaimed creators Dustin Nguyen, Jennifer Meyer, X-Men join forces with the mysterious Anti-Bully Squad to deliver a hilarious, and Peter Bagge!Praise for previous volumes of the Dark Horse Plants vs.

Zombies this comic adds to its appeal. It's a good clean read for all ages. Eat your Comics.

Plants vs. Zombies Volume 1: Lawnmageddon

Dark Horse Books - The confusing-yet-brilliant inventor known only as Crazy Dave helps his niece, Patrice, and young adventurer Nate Timely fend off a "fun-dead" neighborhood invasion in Plants vs. The first Plants vs. Zombies comic book! *. Zombies is now determined to shuffle onto all-ages bookshelves to tickle funny bones and thrill.

. Brains. Zombies: lawnmageddon! Winner of over thirty "Game of the Year" awards, Plants vs.

Plants vs. Zombies Volume 9: The Greatest Show Unearthed

Dark Horse Books - Popcap's immensely popular Plants vs. Zombies: the greatest Show Unearthed, another standalone, all-ages PvZ graphic novel. Zombies game gets another serving of hilarious, plant-filled, zombie-zapping comics! Dr. Zomboss erroneously believes that all humans hold a secret desire to run away and join the circus, so he aims to use his newly created "Big Z's Adequately Amazing Flytrap Circus" to lure Neighborville's citizens to their doom! Not only does starting a zombie circus prove difficult, though, but once plant-friendly neighborhood defenders Nate and Patrice infiltrate his show, Ringmaster Zomboss and his hapless zombies are in for a garden-ful of trouble! Paul Tobin and Jacob Chabot join forces to deliver Plants vs.

Plants vs. Zombies Volume 12: Dino-Might

Dark Horse Books - Zomboss is back with another set of nefarious plans to defeat the pesky plants and neighborville's resident adventurers Nate and Patrice! When Zomboss sets his sights on destroying the yards in town and rendering the plants homeless without anywhere to grow, to thwart his plans and claim victory once again! However, it's up to the daring duo, it turns out that those plans include dogs, plus dinosaurs, and even more pets, along with Crazy Dave and his band of plants, rabbits, cats, hammock sloths, making things a lot zanier.

The kid-acclaimed and critically-acclaimed team of Paul Tobin and Ron Chan return to the pages of Plants vs. Zombies to deliver another thrilling, philip Murphy, joke-filled fracas! Also featuring a bonus story by PvZ newcomer artist, this graphic novel is not to be missed! . When plants, pets, zombies, and dinosaurs all meet--it's sure to be a crazy day!Dr.

Plants vs. Zombies Volume 11: War and Peas

Dark Horse Books - Zombies debut with another imaginative addition to the New York Times bestselling series!On your bookmarks. Get set. Go! let the bookish battle commence! When Dr. Zomboss and crazy dave find themselves members of the same book club, a literary war is inevitable! The position of leader of the book club opens up and the plants vs.

Zombies rivalry heats up as zomboss and crazy Dave compete for the top spot while Nate, Patrice, and their intrepid plants take on the zombies in a scholarly scuffle for the ages! Multiple eisner-award winning author Paul Tobin returns, with Brittney Williams making her Plants vs.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare #2

Dark Horse - In this story that ties directly into the hit _Plants vs. Zombies: garden Warfare 2_ game, discover how Dr. Zomboss acquires new technology to improve his zombie army! written by paul Tobin Bandette, Banana Sunday and illustrated by Jacob Chabot The Mighty Skullboy Army, SpongeBob Comics, this series is for zombie and video game fans of all ages! * The prequel to the Garden Warfare 2 game!.

Plants vs. Zombies Volume 5: Petal to the Metal

Dark Horse Books - Zomboss to a series of races to determine the future of Neighborville! The car-filled competition is underway! Paul Tobin and Ron Chan return to deliver another hilarious zombie battle to your burg! Collects issues #7–#9 of the series. Eisner award winner paul tobin continues his hilarious PVZ run!* The official comic of the addictive video games!

The best-selling game adaptation roars forward!sun-powered, plant-driven speedsters versus imp-powered, zombie-driven hot rods! Let the races begin! Crazy Dave takes on the incredibly tough Don’t Blink video game—and he also challenges Dr.