The Panoramic Seer: Bringing the Prophetic into the Healing Anointing

Destiny Image - The applause of heaven! Developing your spiritual eye and walking hand in hand with the supernaturally prophetic. Somehow, i was instantly in heaven; i knew the room I was standing in was directly adjacent to the throne room of the Father, ” writes author James Maloney. From this exciting experience, shared in the first chapter, to the thrilling conclusion, The Panoramic Seer reveals realms and realities that most Christians don’t even know exist! Panorama is the seer’s prophetic gifting that releases the miraculous.

It is tied into five key elements: inheritance, compassion, humility, righteousness, and faith. The only way to cultivate that kind of relationship with Him is in the “secret place. The panoramic seer takes you to that special place and offers you the powerful Kingdom secrets that have sustained the move of God from generation to generation.

The Panoramic Seer: Bringing the Prophetic into the Healing Anointing -  . These keys and much more are presented to you in a spiritually sensitive way—straight from the throne room of God. You will hear the applause of Heaven when you operate as a panoramic seer.

Overwhelmed by the Spirit: Empowered to Manifest the Glory of God Throughout the Earth

Destiny Image - Jesus is seated at His right hand. The holy spirit is god on the earth, purposed to fill and empower you to bring heaven’s supernatural plans to pass in your life and in the lives of those around you. In this book, james maloney draws from years of theological training and powerful testimony, to help you: scripturally understand Who the Holy Spirit is and how He works Discover your gifts and callings Experience supernatural strength in areas of weakness Walk in the miraculous and lead others to Christ To fulfill your divine destiny, you need the Holy Spirit.

His presence and power is non-negotiable!God the Father is in Heaven. Get ready to experience the holy spirit like never Before!If believers want to accomplish the Great Commission and see nations brought to Christ, it is absolutely essential that they work with the Holy Spirit. Get ready to experience His presence and power like never before!

Volume 1 the Dancing Hand of God: Unveiling the Fullness of God Through Apostolic Signs, Wonders, and Miracles

WestBow Press - By learning from james maloneys own journey and his studied explorations of the teachings of the faith, you will find the energy to play your part in unveiling Gods fullness through your working of apostolic signs, wonders, and miracles. He likens the approach to discovering a balance between storytelling and teaching that helps the reader to turn the face of a hurting world toward God.

This volume of the dancing hand of God explores Gods fullness, glory, burden, otherness, fatherhood, rule, acceptance, and availability. The dancing hand of god proposes a remedy for these sources of spiritual sickness: a full-contact embrace in the strong and healing hands of God. The dancing hand of god: unveiling the Fullness of God through Apostolic Signs, Wonders, and Miracles combines two purposes in each of its two volumes.

Volume 1 the Dancing Hand of God: Unveiling the Fullness of God Through Apostolic Signs, Wonders, and Miracles - Each of the chapters concludes with an outline that lists the main insights offered by each of the sections in the chapter, making the book useful both for ones personal reflection and for shared conversation. When you take stock of your spiritual life, such as loneliness, you might find yourself confronting a series of challenges, anxiety, and a lack of godliness.

. This first volume begins the journey that will unveil the qualities of God by telling the story of the life of its author, James Maloney, and by exploring the apostolic witness to God.

Volume One Ladies of Gold: The Remarkable Ministry of the Golden Candlestick

WestBow Press - They focused their spiritual lives on worshiping God and in making intercessory prayers for the nations. Touched by the vitality of the visions experienced by these remarkable ladies, James Maloney has undertaken the work to prepare this collection of their direct experiences of the presence of God and His messages for the world.

In an extended introductory essay, “who were the Golden Candlestick?, ” James Maloney answers that title’s question and places the group’s ministry in context. The main body of ladies of Gold presents eleven visions Frances Metcalfe described as records of her times of rapture. If you share the concern of the golden candlestick and james maloney for experiencing true worship of the Lord and for praying for the wellbeing of the nations or if you have an interest in exploring the history of religious experience in twentieth-century American culture, then Ladies of Gold: The Remarkable Ministry of the Golden Candlestick will give you substantial food for thought and inspiration for reflection.

Volume One Ladies of Gold: The Remarkable Ministry of the Golden Candlestick - Ladies of gold: the remarkable ministry of the golden candlestick begins a three-volume compilation of the visionary teachings of Frances Metcalfe and the members of the Golden Candlestick, a Christian fellowship of individuals who lived in a California mountain community a little more than seven decades ago.

Living Above the Snake Line: A Unique Perspective on the Present-Day Deliverance Ministry of Jesus Christ

WestBow Press - There is a narrow path on the journey through life that leads to a secret place in God where our adversary cannot find usa place where we are so hidden in Jesus Christ that we are off the map and preserved from the daily struggles and vexations of the enemy of our souls. This highway of holiness is only found in abiding intimately with our Lord, and James Maloney has endeavored to highlight a few keys that provide a unique perspective on the present-day deliverance ministry of Jesus.

We all must come up higher in our walk with the Lord if we desire to truly live above the Snake Line.

Accelerated Healing: Accessing Jesus' Finished Work of Divine Healing

Destiny Image - Then one day, everything changed! learn what ignited  john’s passion to pursue healing, read incredible testimonies of amazing miracles, and receive practical teaching on how to receive and release divine healing instantly!   Discover how to…Access the healing power of the atonement—receive what Jesus paid for with His “stripes.

Activate the “take it fast” principle when receiving your healing. Build your faith by reading miracle stories of accelerated healings. Operate in the gift of faith by cooperating with the Holy Spirit. Create an atmosphere for accelerated miracles. Overcome the pain of disappointment from past failed healing attempts.

Accelerated Healing: Accessing Jesus' Finished Work of Divine Healing - Reach out with renewed faith and power, and lay hold of Accelerated Healing. Instant healing miracles   if divine healing has already been purchased by Jesus’ work, why are so many people still suffering?   If you’ve ever wondered why healing has been delayed, this book is for you. James Maloney. Accelerated healing is a powerful message that will lift your hopes and inspire faith to release a new level of miracle power in your life!   Dr.

John proodian is a healing evangelist with Dove on the Rise International working alongside his mentor Dr. But for thirty years, he saw no miraculous healings.

The Lord in the Fires: Increasing in the Awe of God

WestBow Press - Jesus promises, Everyone will be seasoned with fire. Matthew 9:49 the question is: will you allow the Lord in the fires to increase your awe in Him, or will you let your circumstances burn you as chaff? This book helps answer that question. 1 peter 4:12with the candor, and humor that have become the hallmarks of his previous books, insight, James Maloney presents a unique teaching on the concept of being baptized with fire.

Being refined in the fires of testing is not the most popular sunday morning message, but Paul tells us: Beloved, do not think it strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, that when His glory is revealed, as though some strange thing happened to you; but rejoice to the extent that you partake of Christs sufferings, you may also be glad with exceeding joy.

The Lord in the Fires: Increasing in the Awe of God - Matthew 3:11 rather than burn us to cinders, the spirit of God wants to set us ablaze, to fashion His people into firebrands in His hand, instigating radical change in everyone around us by increasing their awe of the God we serve. The lord in the fires is like no other book youve read on intimacy with God, the fear of the Lord, and the testings of our faith.

Volume Two Ladies of Gold: The Remarkable Ministry of the Golden Candlestick

WestBow Press - The second of three volumes, ladies of gold: the remarkable Ministry of the Golden Candlestick continues the comprehensive presentation of the visions of the King of Kings experienced by Frances Metcalfe and the other members of the Golden Candlestick. This collection presents eight visions and a miscellany of excerpts that give a taste of the riches recorded in journals, missionaries notes, and newsletters.

This fellowship of christians attuned to the guidance of the Holy Spirit shared these visions with others, communicating the essence of their moments of rapture when they were translated into the heavenly realms. James maloney, a leader in developing ministers and supporting overseas crusades, has compiled and presented a comprehensive collection of the recorded utterances flowing from the people of the Golden Candlestick.

Volume Two Ladies of Gold: The Remarkable Ministry of the Golden Candlestick - If you are curious about how their visions might touch your own life, or if you are a student of religious experience, if you desire to know more about Gods work in the world, then Ladies of Gold: The Remarkable Ministry of the Golden Candlestick will reward you for your attention. The spirit spoke to the members of the fellowship of believers in the Golden Candlestick for more than fifty years.

Aligning with Heaven: Unleashing Ancient secrets to Power, Blessing and Harvest

Destiny Image - Maybe this describes you. People struggle, desperate for answers. In the midst of worldwide shaking and global anxiety, nations search for strategies. You will learn the answers to these and other questions:what are the ancient pathways that opened up the supernatural for Moses, scientist, and Solomon?What ancient wisdom allowed Solomon to be a king, Elijah, and see the glory cloud firsthand?Where are the forgotten geographical and seasonal portals?What are the ancient secrets to world harvest?Discover the secrets to aligning with Heaven and releasing God’s supernatural blessing, ancient wisdom, writer, psalmist, inventor, businessman, and resurrection power over your life… and into your world!   .

He will show you how to unlock Heaven’s supernatural solutions and release them to transform your everyday life. This timely repackaged edition of The Ancient Portals of Heaven reminds believers that they are citizens of another world—Heaven. Your life and your world need heaven’s solutions!   ministering in and traveling extensively to Israel and other Middle Eastern nations, author David Herzog has conducted significant research on the connection between the wisdom of the ancients, Israel, and the supernatural.

The Gateway to the Seer Realm: Look Again to See Beyond the Natural

Destiny Image - Look again to see beyond!you can step into God’s gateway to receive personal insights from Heaven—today. The gateway to the seer realm: look again to See Beyond the Natural is written by a gifted Seer who has years of personal experience interpreting dreams and ministering in the prophetic realm. That intimacy and friendship with God are keys to hearing and understanding God’s ways.

Dr. The natural and supernatural ways God communicates with you daily. How to walk into an entirely new dimension of revelation knowledge. From the “yellow car dream” to “turn aside to see your future” to “vampire vapors” and “The Flying Scroll, ” you will step into a realm of the impossible with the grace and favor of God resting upon you when you read The Gateway to the Seer Realm.

The Gateway to the Seer Realm: Look Again to See Beyond the Natural -  . Barbie breathitt shares valuable insight into understanding the ways of God and the supernatural realms of vision, healing, dreams, and destiny. You will learn: what the Seer Realm is and why you need to access it.

Waiting on God: Spending Time in His Presence in Silence, Stillness & Expectation

Ministry Resources - Isn't it time we set aside our agenda to spend time in His presence? Take 30 days and add waiting to your prayer time and you’ll be convinced, it’s worth it to wait on God. In this book, waiting on God, we learn that the answers to all these questions are found in His presence. What does it take to see the unseen and to hear god's voice clearly? how does one walk in the gifts of the Holy Spirit consistently so that we can impact the world around us? What is the elusive secret that some people seem to know that allows them to walk in the supernatural things of God?Waiting on God in silence, hear and see His presence, stillness and expectation will position you to sense, power and direction in your life like never before.

There is a scripture that says if we draw nigh to Him, He will draw nigh to us.